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Google’s new Pixel phone also supports Project Fi service timing right?

Google has added the company’s new flagship mobile phone, Pixel, to the product line that supports its Project Fi wireless service, but is the Project Fi project really right for you?

Local time on Tuesday, Google released Pixel and Pixel XL two high-end smart phones, with the Samsung Galaxy series of devices and Apple iPhone series to contend with. And this is the first time Google tried to launch the smart phone to the public.

Pixel mobile phone not only landed Verizon, but also supported Google launched in 2015 the pilot project Project Fi wireless network service. So far, the service has only supported three Google’s Nexus series of smart phones: Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6.

Google’s new Pixel phone also supports Project Fi service timing right?

Through the Ask Maggie section, the author will provide more details about the Project Fi project while helping a curious reader of Google’s new machine Pixel decide whether or not to try the next Project Fi project, see below.

“Dear Maggie,

I am interested in Google’s latest Pixel phone and have learned that it will support Google’s Project Fi wireless network service, but I’m not sure what Project Fi project is about. Should I consider using this service, or should I continue to use Verizon or other major carriers to launch the service? Thank you!

– Curious Google “

Dear “curious”

Pixel’s beauty is that it gives you a lot of choices. Although Pixel is an exclusive landing in Verizon to market, but the fact is that it is also sold as an unlocked version of the phone through Google, and can support any wireless network in the United States, including Google’s own Project Fi project.

First, you need to ask yourself if you can visit the Project Fi network. Once you have solved this problem, you can compare it with other operators’ services.

Google’s new Pixel phone also supports Project Fi service timing right?
Re-understand the next Project Fi project

First, Google’s Project Fi project is a web service that will provide data to users using coverage signals from Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular, as well as local Wi-Fi networks. This means that you need to ensure that at least one of the operators you live and work can provide a strong signal. One of the keys to Project Fi service is a technology that allows it to decide which network to use to provide the best network, and if a signal is weakened, it can also seamlessly switch between these network signals, If you can use two or all of these three networks, then better.

The biggest benefit of Wi-Fi prioritization of the Project Fi service is that it can access more than a million Wi-Fi hotspots to provide cheap wireless internet access. We believe that if you use a cheaper Wi-Fi network that is more frequent than a cellular network, the cost of choosing a Project Fi service is lower.

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The carrier package starts at $ 20, including unlimited call duration, SMS, and access to Wi-Fi base data. When Wi-Fi is not available, users access one of the three major operators through the Project Fi service, and $ 10 per GB of traffic data. So if you think you are using a monthly cellular data network traffic in 1GB, then using the service you will spend $ 30 a month. And with 2GB of data, you spend $ 40 a month, and so on.

This pricing model is very simple, but if you use more cellular data, these costs will also increase rapidly. If you use Sprint and T-Mobile packages when you use 4GB or 5GB of data, you can also get unlimited call duration, text messages and data. And its price is similar to some prepaid services.

Wi-Fi-preferred competitor Republic Wireless will also support Pixel, the same option cost is cheaper than Project Fi. Its basic services include unlimited call duration, SMS and Wi-Fi data, starting at $ 15 per month. It also provides a better solution for customers who need more roaming data. If Sprint or T-Mobile data is used, the cost of using 4GB of cellular data for one month is $ 45, and the cost of Project Fi is $ 60 under the same conditions.

However, the Project Fi service has its own benefits. Because when you are abroad, Project Fi service will not charge high travel costs for data services, which is particularly attractive to international tourists. This service is currently available in more than 135 different countries. Call abroad if you do not use Wi-Fi hotspots at 20 cents per minute, and if you are using Wi-Fi or local data carriers, SMS is free.

In summary

Project Fi is very good for people who do not use cellular data because they are either less data users, or most of the time using Wi-Fi hotspot users. At the same time, it is also suitable for those who travel abroad often. If you do not belong to this type of user, then you can consider prepaid services or T-Mobile and Sprint or other Wi-Fi priority operators (such as Republic Wireless), they can provide better programs.

The good news is that Pixel can support almost all US carriers, so you can consider the next project Fi service, if you do not like it, you can also switch to another operator.

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