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googles new phone came this fall like the introduction of building blocks like the phone

May have been a lot of people tired of buying mobile phones in a fixed choice in several, mobile phone hardware is not the same as any combination of building blocks?

May 20, Google Google I / O Developers Conference in 2016 suddenly announced that the combination of mobile phones Project Ara will be launched in the fall of 2016 to test the development of the machine, in 2017 launched the official version of production models.
In fact, Google (Google) as early as 2014, announced its Project Ara modular mobile phone project, Project Ara is Google called “Geek’s Dream”, consumers can carry according to their own wishes to a personalized module Of the phone, the phone is divided into six modules.

Google believes that Ara will become the last mobile phone consumers buy, because you can always replace all parts of the phone, from the camera to the display and then to the battery, but also can add some additional value-added features, such as more complex The depth of the camera, fingerprint reader, or even a blood glucose monitor, or just a completely functional, pure decorative nature of the wood. Google hopes this way, so that consumers of mobile phones will not soon become obsolete.
The project once open, it has aroused the concern of many consumers, but the 2015 launch of the testing machine is being postponed, so many people concerned about the project suspected Project Ara can be successfully listed in the enthusiasm of everyone is about to extinguish , Google in 2016 I / O Developers Conference put a big move.

The same day, Project Ara project department owned ATAP laboratory (Advanced Technology and Projects, advanced technology and projects) also officially announced, Project Ara has now officially upgraded to Google’s a commercial sector. Former Motorola Mobile President Rick Osterloh will head the new hardware and manage the unit. This means that Project Ara will receive more research and development resources Google support, but also will have a complete product line.

This is for the long-awaited consumers, is undoubtedly a great good news.

Project Ara at the Developer Conference show that the latest Project Ara and compared to the previous two years have been greatly improved, with the original Project Ara prototype does not have the plug and play hot plug function , That is now Project Ara can be switched on in the case of power to replace the module. When the user opens the bottom of the phone to remove the battery, the phone can run to the user to install the new battery.

googles new phone came this fall like the introduction of building blocks like the phone

“The new version is simpler and more complex than the earlier version,” says Project Ara Leader Rafe Caramago to technology media The Verge. “This may seem confusing, but it does.” Unlike earlier versions, this time we’re not going to “A lot of crazy ideas for Ara phones, such as magnetic connection modules and wireless capacitive communications, can provide more space for modules and other uses, and the benefit of this is the ability to protect the connection points of the modules.”

In addition, you can also use the “OK Google” to control the module plug, when you read out the phone “OK Google, the release of the camera module” and that the module is really their release, this feeling must super cool .
According to reports, Ara mobile phone the size of the future at least two small Ara has six modules, large-size mobile phone may have more available slots. Ara has Unipro hardware protocol, Connector connector, Latch buckle, GreyBus software layer protocol, Baseplate hardware framework, and other different slots.

Project Ara will also be available in the fall of 2016 development kit, developers can develop their own different functional modules. It is reported that the developer of the future development of the module can be used in the current mobile phone framework, and the future of the new mobile phone framework will be the perfect support of the old module.

Google is also working with a number of third-party vendors, including NVIDIA, Marvell, Samsung, TDK, E-Ink, Sony, iHealth and so on. These manufacturers may be the production of modules, there may be mobile phone framework or other components.

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