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Google’s latest Android Nougat syste

Feeling Google’s latest Android Nougat system release seems to be a few days ago, but in fact Android Nougat actually in March last year, Google I / O Developer Conference has been officially unveiled, from now has been nearly a year The And into the 2017, we went to look forward to the next Android developer preview version of the time.

In fact, for the new version of the Android system, the most people look forward to is not what new features and improvements, but the Android system version of the name, has been Google is very interesting and close to the dessert to name the Android system, and in accordance with the English Alphabetical order, and now on the next version of the name, “Oreo” became a popular, because this time the letter “O”.

Recently, Google is responsible for Android, Chrome OS and Play store senior vice president Hiroshi Lockheimer in their official social media posted a Oliver cake video, which seems to be an Android system version of the time to ” Leo “to name it. And the answer to this question should wait until the Google I / O Global Developers Conference to reveal the answer.

But although Lockheimer expensive for Google executives and Android responsible person, but this may be just a joke or Google’s internal development code only, after all, the final name and the actual version of the test there is the possibility of variables.

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Because he was not only the 2017 Android system, even the 2018 version of the name given to consider good, as to rely on Kaopu not fly, we have to consider their own.

The Google Developers Conference has decided that Andrews 8.0 will be in the name of a biscuit you’ve eaten

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