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google own mobile phone samsung began to pull their own system applications

Just past the double eleven shopping festival, Samsung launched a total prize money of $ 9 million Tizen developer incentive plan.

From January 2017 to October 31, Samsung plans to give every single month to download the top 100 developers $ 10,000 cash award.

This year in August, Samsung has also been a joint 3D game development engine Unity held the Tizen Application Challenger contest, the total prize money of 185,000 US dollars. Finalists can take away at least 3,000 dollars.

In this case,

Tizen Samsung as a key support for open source operating system, the biggest problem is no doubt that the application of the lack of developers not attractive.

In Samsung’s view, the Android and iOS platform developers to attract the most effective way is to send money.

Unfortunately, Tizen is too late.

After 8 years of accumulation, Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store two store applications has more than 200 million. Tizen is still far from reaching this level, and early adopters are not constantly updating their applications.

google own mobile phone samsung began to pull their own system applications

In this case,

Developers have no motivation, after all, the number of devices to support Tizen little pitiful. Samsung’s mobile phone equipped with Tizen system only Z1, Z2, Z3 three, and only sold in India.

In this case,

Samsung Z2 equipped with Tizen system

While Samsung uses Tizen in its own smart watches, bracelets, and televisions, most consumers do not care what systems they use. The phone is not the same as the degree of lack of application can be clearly perceived.

Samsung is so anxious and Google jumped in and grab their own business. The Pixel phone, which was released on October 5, comes preloaded with the Google Assistant Smart Voice Assistant. This is including Samsung mobile phones, including all Android smart machines are not enjoy the function.

Pixel starting price and iPhone, Galaxy S series quite. Relative to the system different iPhone, Pixel is clearly easier to grab Samsung users.

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