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finger planning will be able to charge the mobile phones

Out of the necessary rechargeable treasure of the day may be over! Researchers at Michigan State University have designed a low-power nanoscale power plant that converts the force of a person’s sliding and pressing screen into electrical energy. In the lab, they successfully used this device to drive an LCD touch screen, a set of LED bulbs and a folding keyboard.

finger planning will be able to charge the mobile phones

Nelson Sepulveda, an assistant professor of electronics and computer engineering at the study, said in an article in the journal Nano Energy that the device, made of silicon wafers, is divided into multiple layers that generate electricity when pressed. It is light weight, foldable, biocompatible, retractable, and can be used in wireless helmets, cell phones and other touch screen products. The advent of it means that human beings in the action-enabled wearable device is a step closer. In the near future, you may be a week to give the mobile phones a charge, because with your finger movement, power has been added on time.

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