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dump the power bank charge on dual-11 chinese shopping day long-life and fast charge smart phone recommended

Near the double 11, many buying party are ready to make, enthusiastic Xiaobian in the previous issue has been introduced to a lot of camera phones and thousands of value machine, and today introduced the protagonist is the most closely with the user experience a long life + Fast charge smart phone.

Today’s smart phones are developing in the era of large-screen, large screen, power consumption, battery life is naturally a problem. Although many brands launched a variety of fast charge technology, but I am afraid there is no large-capacity battery as a “cornerstone”, the face of no socket will be very embarrassing situation. Therefore, large-capacity battery life + fast charge technology is the most king. Here’s to see what good long life + fast charge smart phone bar.


2850mAh capacity battery + VOOC fast charge technology

OPPO R9 is equipped with a 2850 mA battery, it should be said that in today’s high-capacity battery power, OPPO R9 battery capacity is not superior, its life will have a certain impact. Have measured the found that, OPPO R9 battery for wifi online watch high-definition video duration 10h; continuous talk time 24h; listen to high-definition music time 25h; manipulator simulation of the average user life duration 14h, should be compared with other brands in life On does not account for much advantage.

Capacitance capacity is not enough, but the “charge five minutes, two hours of talk” OPPO VOOC behind the flash charge technology in the minds of consumers has left a deep impression. For OPPO R9 VOOC fast charge technology, measured from zero to full it takes more than 1 hour, compared with other products, a slight advantage, but the frequent charge on the battery loss is a problem, the battery life is bound to decrease.

Near the double 11, OPPO R9 price from the original 2799 down to 2499, like OPPO mobile phone purchase party are worth starting.

Lenovo ZUK Z2 3 + 32G version

The advantages of high-capacity battery is more obvious in the era of smart phones, go out to the car, watching video, playing games on the phone’s battery life has a high demand, which is often a lot of smart phone problems. Lenovo ZUK Z2 in the endurance and fast charge are done on the perfect. Equipped with Xiaolong 820 processor Lenovo ZUK Z2 3 + 32G version is a small screen ultra-long flagship mobile phone, it has a 5-inch 1080p screen, at the same time, 13 million pixel rear and 800-megapixel front camera. It is worth mentioning that the Lenovo ZUK Z2 3 + 32G version of the battery capacity actually reached 3500mAh, durable bursting.

In addition to large batteries, the Lenovo ZUK Z2 3 + 32G version of the charging speed is also very terrible. The machine uses the latest research and development of two-chip parallel fast charge technology, by widening the current path to increase the input of the same time the phone battery current, thus safe and efficient to ensure the efficiency of fast charge. The measured, Lenovo ZUK Z2 3 +32 G version 10 minutes charge, power increased to 8%; charge 50 minutes, power increased to 50%; completely filled in less than two hours.

dump the power bank charge on dual-11 chinese shopping day long-life and fast charge smart phone recommended

11, Lenovo ZUK advance to put “price” discount promotions, November 1 – November 14, in the official website ZUK.com, Lenovo Lenovo ZUK official flagship store, Jingdong Mall, Suning Buy Lenovo ZUK Z2 Series of mobile phones have great efforts concessions; original price of 1599 yuan Lenovo ZUK Z2 3 +32 G version straight down 400 yuan, plus 50 yuan gift coupons, hand just 1149. Have to say, the high cost really impressive, a friend may need to consider buying a start.

Meizu MX6

3060mAh battery + mCharge fast charge function

First, a small knowledge: lithium batteries because of the structure, material constraints, the energy density can not be a breakthrough to improve, so the battery capacity and body thickness in most cases are “fish and bear’s paw, can not have both.” Meizu MX6 built a 3060mAh capacity battery, which has a 5.5-inch screen, 7.25mm thickness of the body size of the MX6 is not particularly large, so the battery life is undoubtedly a congenital problem.

Although in order to enhance the MX6 standby experience, Meizu for the product prepared mCharge fast charge function, and with Andrews 6.0 depth customization Flyme 5 system, integrated kernel power-saving algorithm, can bring more advanced memory control mechanism and battery life Control, so that the aircraft has a better life time, the basic meet the needs of the vast majority of users a day charge, but take pictures, recorded video needs of the times, Meizu MX63060mAh battery life is still pressure.

1 plus 3

3000mAh battery + DASH speed flash charge

The battery capacity of 3000mAh a plus 3 mobile phone also adopted a “capacity is not enough, fast charge to Minato” way, equipped with a DASH speed flash charge technology, the world’s leading VOOC flash charge core technology and Type-c interface, also makes A plus mobile phone officially into the fast charge base, although Liu Zuohu also known as DASH speed flash charge “can not be used without”, but there are still many users reflect the battery is not enough, this is probably derived from a plus 3 in power saving A little less.

In terms of power, a plus 3 does not like other brand mobile phone, as the user provides several different power-saving operation mode. But the use of a one-size-fits-all design, provides intelligent sleep function, in the off screen 6 minutes later, remove the selected program, the rest will disconnect the network connection to reduce power consumption. Therefore, a plus 3 in the power does not provide the user the freedom of choice, coupled with the inherent limitations of battery capacity, life is not enough to make people satisfied.


In the era of accelerated development of smart phones, inconvenient to carry the incumbent Po will inevitably be phased out, and the face of similar fast-charging technology, high-capacity battery is always the basis for guaranteeing life, both large battery and fast charge technology Lenovo ZUK Z2, no doubt in terms of life more competitive, but also from the comprehensive strength of cost-effective point of view, this small-screen flagship mobile phone, is also a good choice to buy dual-11 Chinese Shopping Day.

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