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dual sim dual standby double pass into the masterpiece

Mobile dual-pass in the end is what a ghost

Today, in addition to iPhone, almost all of the domestic smart phones are dual card dual standby. However, dual-card mobile phone there are “dual-pass” and “single-pass” of the other. Recently, Huawei PDT manager, said Bruce Lee, Mate 9 although the support of the whole Netcom 3.0, but does not support dual-card dual-pass, and the future of the mobile phone industry will no longer have dual-card dual-pass mobile phone.

So, in the end is what the two-ghost, why it will be the future of smart phones abandoned it?

What is a double pass?

Dual sim dual standby We can understand? Is the phone can be installed 2 SIM card, you can set, specify a card for the Internet, a card for the default call card. The single-and dual-pass, it is this meaning:

If the dual card dual standby single-pass mobile phone:

A, B in the phone into the SIM card, A card during the call, if someone calls to the B card will be prompted to not be connected or not in the service area, when the end of the A card call system does not display B card missed Call alert. In addition, because the dual card dual standby mobile phone need to manually specify a SIM card for networking (assuming A), then when the B card call A card networking will be blocked.

If the dual card dual standby dual-cell phone:

During a call, someone will hear “beep” when they call the B card. At this time, you can do two options: continue to hold the A-card call, the system will display the B card Choose to retain A card call, answer B card phone until the end of the call, the A card call party does not hang up the case can continue to answer the A card phone.

As for how to determine whether their phone supports dual-pass, with a card to another card dial-up, can dial on behalf of support for dual-pass.

Why Mate 9 does not support dual-pass

In the history of Huawei, whether it is the glory of the V8, or Mate 8 and P9, these classic models are supported dual card dual standby dual-pass. As for why Mate 9 canceled this feature, the official explanation is to allow the secondary card to support China Unicom 3G WCDMA seven bands and mobile / Unicom 2G GSM four bands, and insist on doing dual-pass, there is no way in the The increase in the phone to support so many bands of sub-card antenna, and vice-card segment increases, the main card can not solve the problem with the frequency interference.

can not read it? Then let us look at the principle of dual-pass single:

In principle, the dual card dual standby “single-pass” mobile phone built-in only a set of RF units (including baseband and antenna), it needs to constantly switch between the two networks and automatically search the network, but because the switching frequency is fast and very time Short, so that the user has a dual-card standby illusion. The problem comes, because a set of radio frequency units can only be responsible for a call, so when the A card calls, B card signal will be temporarily blocked until the end of the call.

The “dual-pass” mobile phones often need two sets of RF units to charge two cards of the network, as two sets of radio frequency units independent of each other, so A card in the call B card phone can also be connected normally. Of course, due to an additional set of RF unit, so “dual-pass” on the space occupied by mobile phones, cost and power consumption will be slightly higher than the “one-way” phone.

Why dual-pass mobile phone less and less

Today, support for dual-pass mobile phones are mostly older phones, new phones have almost abandoned the support of this feature. There are many reasons, from the design difficulty and cost point of view, manufacturers naturally do not want to invest too much in this regard. From the domestic network development trend, 2G (GSM) back network is the trend, the future of the network environment, doomed dual card mobile phone must support the 3G network card, or vice card will not receive the signal. Therefore, the baseband manufacturers (including Qualcomm, Huawei, MediaTek) are conforming to the trend of increasing the 4G data + WCDMA voice calls dual card support, the way cut off on the dual-support.

In short, the dual function of the disappearance of the future development of the inevitable, so we do not have too demanding. Worry does not support the dual pass and miss the important phone shoes, you can consider opening the call transfer function will be able to solve this embarrassment. Next, the intellectual fun dog again for everyone to explain the next two calls and network-related strange phenomenon.

Why is no longer broken phone network calls

Mobile users must have encountered this problem before: playing online games when a phone call came in, the game off the network. This is not a mobile phone hardware problem, but the mobile 4G phone is through the 2G signal for voice communications, so during the call system will automatically switch the network from 4G to 2G, during the call your download will naturally interrupted, the game will be dropped.

As to why now few people mention such problems, because today’s new phones are beginning to support VoLTE technology. In short, VoLTE can make the call clearer voice, dial-up waiting time is shorter, the most critical advantage is that mobile users can still maintain a 4G connection during the call, do not have to worry about the situation off the network.

Open VoLTE method is very simple, it is mostly hidden in the phone manufacturers “Settings → Wireless and network → Mobile Network”, open the corresponding VoLTE call can be checked. In addition, the use of VoLTE technology may also need to open the service provider. By dialing 10086 or login mobile phone business hall client, you can open the VoLTE service free of charge. After that, when we use VoLTE to talk, the call interface time will display “HD”, the top of the signal bar will appear an HD icon.

Once the dual card is how to achieve the download

dual sim dual standby double pass into the masterpiece

Huawei has been in the glory of 7 times to join the dual-card can simultaneously download the function, to achieve a 1 +1 higher download speed. In addition, the machine also supports dual-pass capability. However, dual-card simultaneously download function from the Huawei follow-up mobile phone disappeared, why this cool feature can not be universal?

The reason is simple, then glory 7 (full Netcom version) in addition to Kirin 935 built-in baseband signal processing module, but also equipped with VIA Telecom Telecom 3G / 2G network external baseband signal processing chip and FCI FC7712A telecommunications 3G / 2G network RF RF chip.

Through the two sets of baseband chip to solve the call, the Internet does not interfere with each other’s problems, but also to solve the problem of dual-card Internet access at the same time. Now the new mobile phone processor integrated baseband chip integration is getting higher and higher, single-chip will be able to achieve full Netcom, without the baseband chip with the other, so the function can not be achieved dual-pass or download at the same time.

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