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double 12 buy safe to buy buy mobile phone recommended

In addition to “buy buy buy” or “buy buy”, and in recent years more and more clever mobile phone scams, and some sites disguised as shopping sites to make the consumer Who fooled, even worse by sending SMS smuggling fake base stations, security payments have become a very necessary feature in the phone, then how to ensure that we can not be happy to shop cheated it? Of course, you need a secure phone, the following for you to inventory support for safe inventory of mobile phones.

Double 12 buy safe to buy buy mobile phone recommended


OPPO R9s 16 million pixel Pegasus self-timer IMX 398CMOS Black Edition price of 2799 yuan >> Buy Link

OPPO R9s through the “online identification of unknown numbers” feature, quickly identify the identity of unfamiliar numbers, whether it is fraud, harassment, advertising or business phone under the supervision of the system have no escape, so that users can easily see through the camouflage. OPPO R9S, using the original 0.3mm micro-slot antenna, the new 4G optimization technology, Wi-Fi amplifier, the antenna is more detailed, stronger signal, a better sense of the fuselage. R9s also used gorilla 5 glass, 1.6 m positive drop 80% non-destructive. OPPO R9S with Xiao Long 625 processor, 4G +64 G storage, 1600W front, 1600W rear, 3100 mA battery, touch fingerprint recognition, life 15 hours 25 minutes, 13% more than R9.

Double 12 buy safe to buy buy mobile phone recommended

OPPO and Sony jointly developed IMX398, spent a year to improve, optimize, comparable to SLR technology, 1600W pixels, F1.7 large aperture, dual-core focus, compared to 40% phase focus speed, Sony IMX398 is OPPO exclusive custom, Coupled with dual-core AF technology, whether it is photographic experience or image quality are very good. Coupled with excellent workmanship makes the R9s is very worthy of recommendation of the phone.

Millet 5s

Millet 5s full Netcom 4G silver 3 +64 GB GOME online price of 1999 yuan >> buy the link
Millet MiUI 8 is added to the chip-level pseudo-base station identification, with triple protection: pseudo-base station SMS identification, SMS phishing URL risk tips, browser URL detection (blocking blacklist), let your online shopping farewell cheating. Millet 5s equipped with the latest generation of Qualcomm Xiaolong 821 flagship processor, clocked at up to 2.15GHz, using 14-nanometer manufacturing process, GPU Adreno530 high-performance graphics processor, standard 3 4GB memory and 32 64 128GB storage. Millet 5s with 12 million pixel camera, camera module for the Sony IMX378, superior analytical power, and has excellent night imaging capabilities. Front 4 million large pixel camera, sufficient amount of light into place with the beauty model is in place, so that whenever you are the most beautiful self-timer.

Double 12 buy safe to buy buy mobile phone recommended

Millet 5s with 3200mAh high-capacity battery, support QC3.0 fast charge. Full-featured NFC millet 5s is also the characteristics of the highlights, the face of demand, the phone can be instantly converted into bank cards or bus cards, the complete liberation of clothes pocket, with a mobile phone can easily get the consumer and travel. The machine uses 5.15-inch high-brightness high-saturation screen, the maximum brightness of 600nit, under bright light can also clearly read the screen content. The machine uses all-metal body forming process, with gold, silver, gray and rose gold and other colors, and accompanied by drawing textures, so that metal texture even more. Millet 5s pioneered the use of non-porous ultrasonic fingerprint program, ultrasonic sensor placed under the glass panel, so that the screen remains intact, smooth and flawless, feel more smooth, and has the characteristics of dust and sweat.

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Meizu PRO 6s

Meizu PRO 6s 64GB Full Net Public Edition Golden GOME Online Price: 2283 yuan >> Buy Link

Meizu PRO 6s equipped Flyme fingerprint recognition technology deep accumulation, WeChat fingerprint payment technology to do a machine a secret key to write to rpmb, so that users pay more secure fingerprints. Talking about a small screen phone and grip, there seems no reason not to talk about this year’s flagship product Meizu PRO 6s. Single from the grip in terms of speaking, PRO 6s is the author of this year’s experience of mobile phones which grip the most outstanding one. And it is also very good in design: the front symmetrical design of the distance sensor and front camera makes the front panel looks very harmonious, 2.5D screen and metal part of the convergence is also very natural. The back of the curved antenna design makes the back of the fuselage more integrated. Every design can see the Meizu PRO6 intentions.

Double 12 buy safe to buy buy mobile phone recommended

Meizu PRO 6s in the configuration also has many unique features. Meizu PRO 6s display support pressure sensing technology – 3D Press, the current library, camera, settings and other system applications have begun to support 3D Press technology, I believe there will be more applications later to join the support. Flash design PRO 6s also unique, ring flash plus laser focus will undoubtedly bring a better camera for the user experience. And its performance by a Helio X25 processor and 4GB RAM +64 GB ROM to give a guarantee, has a very good performance.

Jin M6 Plus

Golden M6 Plus 6-inch large-screen champagne gold 6000mAh battery Jinlitou official website price 2999 yuan >> Buy Link

Jin M6 Plus not only built-in hardware security encryption chip, so that the security of mobile phones in both hard and soft to improve, but also through pseudo-base station information shielding function, screening pseudo-base station signal characteristics to help users determine the authenticity of base stations and shielding Pseudo-base station to send information. Jin Li M6 Plus 6000 mAh when using large-capacity battery, has a powerful endurance, such a large battery in the phone is also very rare, no longer have to worry about mobile phone travel without electricity. 6-inch big screen in the tourism boring look at the play is also excellent, the use of AMOLED screen, showing outstanding results.

Double 12 buy safe to buy buy mobile phone recommended

M6plus all-metal body with a body design, with the classic champagne gold color, restore the original texture of your child’s metal. Jin Li has been harsh on the choice of metal materials, the choice of the 6 series aluminum alloy, nano-injection molding, hand-polished and anodized forging process, making the body delicate delicate touch, hold up and stick hands at ease. Jin M series has been the flagship super life, the battery capacity of nature can not be underestimated, the M6plus standard 6020mAh large capacity battery, with the Helio P10 processor for excellent power control, heavy users can easily use more than two days.

Huawei P9

Huawei P9 full Netcom 3GB + 32GB version of streamer gold dual card dual standby Jingdong Mall price of 2888 yuan >> buy links

double 12 buy safe to buy buy mobile phone recommended

Huawei is the first operator to do communication equipment started, the bottom of the operator to master the technical context. Huawei P9 support chip-level “security base station” technology. P9 can easily get from the three major operators of the general base station traffic data, by identifying the fraud signal source, transmit power, signal frequency band data, etc., can analyze the liar hiding place, even if the liar a day to move a nest Also can not escape the palm. Huawei P9 uses a 5.2-inch 1080p resolution IPS screen, color saturation of up to 96%, while ensuring a realistic visual effects, accompanied by a 2.5D arc glass and the box in the middle and join a join Layer wrapping, so that the whole screen and the border transition is more natural and smooth, look and feel have improved.

Double 12 buy safe to buy buy mobile phone recommended

As the world’s first mobile phone with Leica to develop dual cameras, P9 uses two 12 million pixel camera developed jointly with Leica, a single pixel size of 1.25μm, aperture value of F 2.2, and Huawei has also introduced the Leica excellence of attitude , Will be 6 lens thickness control in the 4.5mm. In addition, the camera also has a dual color temperature flash and laser focus module as an auxiliary, laser, contrast, depth triple hybrid focus mode also makes the machine in focusing speed dominate.

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