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do not be a girl living in the mobile phone life

Our sisters are in the field, because the distance, it is difficult to take time to go home. Not long ago the mother’s birthday, we have driven back.

Sister to send her mother a new phone, the young girl immediately busy for the phone set shortcuts, the screen above the figures, in addition to “1” can not be set outside, from 2 to 9 have been full. 2 is the eldest sister, 3 is the second sister, 4 is my three girl, 5 is the little girl, 6 is the little brother, 7 is the home of the fixed telephone, 8 is the father’s mobile phone number, 9 is living in the small town cousin … “Sister talk about the end, the mother picked up the phone, try to dial a number, our respective mobile phone will follow the sound, the music comes and goes, very lively.

At this time, far away in Chongqing, the younger brother of the University, called for the birthday of the mother blessed the phone. The youngest child in this family, the first time away from home alone, homesick, he will make a phone call every day to report their own learning and living conditions.

do not be a girl living in the mobile phone life

Neighbor Li aunt to stop by, the mother Xiao Hehe finished the younger brother’s phone. Li Shen said with admiration: “Your son is really good ah, every day to call you.” Mother suddenly sighed and said: “The children are always and I phone, I sometimes think of them, they will hold the phone Daze, thinking should first call to whom .I how to feel, these children, one by one into a symbol? Where comparable to you blessed, the child is not far away, want to Shashi see can be … … “

Sisters in the living room to speak, I accidentally heard the mother sigh, not help a burst of sad heart. Young, always thinking of escape, with the school, work, we flapping his wings one by one, flying farther and farther, who has really paid attention to, the mother in the dust of the years, has a day candle.

I returned to the living room, could not help but suggest with the sisters: “After, we still come back to visit his mother, after all, she is also more than 60 years of age … …” sister and sister have agreed to my proposal, we quietly developed A plan, according to their actual situation, to determine the days of home visits to ensure that the mother can see one of us a week.

We do not want to shortcuts, do not want to just become a mother living in the cell phone child, while still in time.

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