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designed specifically for mobile gaming controller without root

With the development of hand travel faster and faster, especially the popularity of some large hand tour, such as the glory of the king of hot, but also led to the development of the game controller. Smart game controller before the new frequency, but rarely see around the user. But now because of the rise of the glory of the king, more and more hand-travel enthusiasts choose to use the game controller to play the game. New games in the very early introduction of intelligent game controller, to now has N1, Q1 and other series, several generations of products, regardless of technology and processes are very mature, with the software platform handle game room in the massive game, truly Soft and hard combination, fun games. Now the new tour has launched a new game controller M100, and N, Q series has a clear distinction. More powerful, Andrews, IOS, WINDOWS, PS3 platform, a clean sweep, all compatible. Design more beautiful, feature-rich, bringing a new visual and feel.

New travel M100’s box is still a continuation of the classic design of the new tour, kraft paper box, slightly rustic. The top is the new tour M100 simple creative plans, a few strokes outline the appearance of a simple, like a wings to fly the butterfly.

The handle bracket supports smartphones up to 6 inches. New swim M100 handle bracket with separate design, need to be fixed on the handle when used, can be removed when not in use. Because the M100 is almost compatible with the whole platform, sometimes do not need to use the handle bracket.

Stent is divided into two parts, the upper part of the bracket is a common fixed phone, upper and lower sides are equipped with non-slip pads, will not hurt the phone. The lower part is fixed to the M100 part, according to the shape of the handle design, can be perfectly integrated with the M100.

New tour M100 and the new tour N, Q series has a significantly different, black is more profound, more mysterious, more thorough. N, Q series are used XBOX architecture, but M100 is used in PS4 architecture. M100 style more tough, line design and overall contours are used in a straight line and right angle design, with rich black, more beautiful, revealing the Jieao and disdain.

But still can be seen from the front was a new tour of the shadow of the handle, and that is the bottom of the rocker handle with a unique new orange. Very eye-catching. M100 handle surface and did not use the previous plastic material plus grain processing, but using a very rare skin-like matte material, this should be the first time in the smart game controller with this design. The benefits of this design is extremely good feel, even if the palm of your hand sweat will not slip.

designed specifically for mobile gaming controller without root

Four-ball positioning cross-key positioning accuracy, high sensitivity. Concave surface design, just curvature inclusive fingers, the use of feeling very comfortable.

Left and right joystick surface also has a degree of curvature of the concave design, full flexibility, shaking ease.

The right side of the ABXY key surface is smooth, different colors with more dazzling effect. A button and HOME button while holding down the access to Andrews connection mode.

Mobile phone bracket with high flexibility, can be fixed after the middle of the handle in the handle, will not loose.

Now the smart game controller and the biggest difference in the past is that it is not just a simple game controller, but also with the software or APP to use. New tour controller is no exception, from the beginning to launch a new tour of the game room, and later there are new tour assistant and a new travel simulator, are developed for the smart game controller.

New game room integration New game controller can be applied to the game, with massive game resources. Because the new tour has a professional optimization staff, you can optimize a variety of new games to ensure that each new player can play on the latest fire of the game. For example, now the most glorious king of glory, through the line of fire, the eternal era and so on.

The top of the main page is the new game ads, the bottom is recommended for all types of games. The bottom bar is a new tour of the five functions, the middle is connected. Click on the game can be connected to our handle.

Go to System Settings to search for new M100 Bluetooth, and click Connect.

The game’s resources are very many, a variety of game masterpiece emerge in an endless stream, as you choose.

Download a good game and click to go directly to the game. However, some games need to use the new tour handle assistant, such as the king of glory. Play this game before you need to get ROOT permissions, but now use the handle assistant can be exempted from this step. Because access to the ROOT permission after the phone may lose the warranty, or use the handle assistant more secure. The use of mobile phone mapping need to open in the computer side, you need to download the new tour in the official website of the new tour handle assistant kit, mobile phone and computer connected. The process is still very simple. Then open the game is no problem, but it should be noted that if the phone restart, you need to re-open the map.

New game simulator is a good thing, it supports NDS / GBA / FC / PSP / MAME / GBC / SFC / PS / WSC / N64 / MD / DC / ARCADE game platform. If these games together will be massive, known as a large gaming platform is not an exaggeration. Almost everyone played more or less some of these platforms above the game, especially to see the continent of the Overlord excited, but very obsessed with the game. Although previously played in the mobile phone simulator, but once again to see or exciting, there are many, many previously played the game, and now even can play on the phone, and said no excitement is false.

Now the smart game controller is a combination of soft and hard. If only the hardware is not software can not play the game, because the mobile phone platform relative to the computer platform to be more complex, a lot of games do not support the operation of the handle, the need for relevant personnel to develop and optimize. So the game controller manufacturers also software vendors. New tour is the first to launch smart game controller, one of the peripheral manufacturers, from the beginning has been doing a new game room, the development of the software has launched three, and are very mature, almost all the latest integration of the fire Of the game, for the support of the platform is the most comprehensive. This new game from the Office, the new tour handle assistant, new game simulator in the game can be seen. And the new tour of the game handle all relatively affordable, excellent performance, software hardware combination is the best choice for future manufacturers of peripherals, new tour is clearly in the front.

New tour M100 feel better than other handles, mainly due to the surface with a matte material. Like a silky feel smooth smoothly, the handle part of the design of the network, adding a non-slip design has obvious sense of block, when the control will be more convenient.

New tour M100’s price is not high, only one hundred yuan to succeed, are popular game controller. But regardless of appearance and performance than the previous qualitative improvement. Is no longer a monotony of the plastic shell, but the innovative use of a pure black matte process, combined with the new tour unique orange characteristics, the deep, stylish play most vividly. Its size is basically the same with the ordinary handle, feel more comfortable, more handy to use. With a new tour controller assistant, new game room, new swim simulator, do not need ROOT, no warranty of trouble, any game you play, wonderful game life more exciting, so that new game M100 to become the best game assistant, fighting Well.

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