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CITE2017 invited you to open the era of artificial intelligence

10 years ago, Artificial Intelligence gave us the impression that more of the science fiction concept was stuck in Hollywood movies. But now they have unwittingly entered our lives and began to provide services for us. From the “Alpha Dog” series of Chinese and Japan and South Korea go chess master cut off the horse, and then to IBM’s artificial intelligence “Watson” first diagnosis of rare leukemia, and Jingdong, Alibaba and other business platform has been using intelligent customer service to solve the problem. Artificial intelligence has been getting closer to us, the era of artificial intelligence is coming soon. It will bring great changes to our work, life, entertainment, and education.

China Electronic Information Expo (CITE) is the authority of the electronic information industry platform display platform, each exhibition will focus on the hot areas of electronic information industry, display the latest products and the latest technology. The 5th China Electronic Information Expo (CITE2017) will be held from April 9 to 11, 2021, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme “CITE to open the smart era”, will focus on display of artificial intelligence, virtual reality and enhance the reality, high-performance chips, intelligent network car, intelligent manufacturing and innovative business and so on.

Artificial intelligence will be an important presentation of the CITE2017 show. The Organizing Committee of the Expo will work with Shenzhen Robot Association and intelligent voice industry leader in science and technology together in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on the 5th Hall to create artificial intelligence museum. Artificial Intelligence Hall will be “Artificial Intelligence New World” as the theme, and artificial intelligence as the core, show the artificial intelligence ecosystem products and technological development results. The exhibition is mainly based on the achievements of new technology and new technologies. The core technology, core exhibition area, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned vehicles, robots, intelligent agriculture, wearable equipment, intelligent Manufacturing, wisdom education, wisdom and wisdom of the wisdom of home and other eleven plate content.

AI era and the Intel co-open the era of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence since its inception, it has experienced in 1970 by Logic Theorist first artificial intelligence software as the representative of the artificial gold first gold period, the fifth generation of computer systems in 1990 as the representative of the second golden period and two winter After 2017 years is the 60th anniversary of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence third golden period is coming soon. With the deepening of research in depth, large data, cloud computing development, algorithm and computing power to improve, for the artificial intelligence of the landing brought the dawn. According to its own technological advantages, the company has introduced the “super-super-brain” to the industry in 2014, combining voice and voice with the combination of “deep neural network” and “big data” technology. It is committed to the intelligent voice from the “can listen to talk” to “can understand will think”. 2017 Science and Technology will be the focus of development from the artificial intelligence segmentation field of intelligent voice field transition to the artificial intelligence platform for product development, build “AI ecosystem.” This will work with a number of mobile AI eco-system partners in the CITE2017 Artificial Intelligence Museum, including software, intelligent hardware, robot unmanned aerial vehicles, including artificial intelligence related products technology.

Electronic information industry leading enterprises Intel has been committed to promoting the development of artificial intelligence industry, and promote the popularization of artificial intelligence. Intel portrayed the roadmap for artificial intelligence industry development in cloud and data centers, networking, storage, FPGA, and 5G growth. In the CITE2017 exhibition site, Intel will fully demonstrate the status of industrial development, as well as Intel in the field of artificial intelligence research and scientific and technological achievements.

Business Services Robots | Upcoming Business Services Forms

Did you know that? There are already a lot of artificial intelligence equipped with the robot began to provide services for us. As the emergence of intelligent robots, has been a lot of traditional service industry had an impact, such as food and beverage services, tourism services, security and other fields, business services, robots have gradually cut a striking figure. There are some restaurants began to use robots to provide customers with some services. Customers as long as the intelligent terminal to choose their own food, the robot can be in accordance with the needs of our order, production, serve and pay a series of services. Some hotels also take services such as luggage and luggage for robots. With more commercial service robots put into use, will further affect more business services. In the CITE2017 artificial intelligence museum, including the Shanghai Boat Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Lo Technology Co., Ltd., China Sea and the sea-ray Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., including the robot business, will show a variety of indoor services, including robots , Outdoor service robots and special services robots can be in the mall, restaurants, parks and other public places to provide services dedicated robot. Live viewers can interact with these business service robots at close range and experience the different services they offer.
Home service entertainment robot | our future life is not the same

For ordinary people, for their own families to hire a private steward or hire a private security personnel, the higher economic requirements, this desire to achieve it really “pressure mountain.” But with the advent of the era of artificial intelligence, home service entertainment robots can also provide us with more services that require people to complete the work. Home cleaning can be done by the cleaning robot, the robot built-in face recognition system can detect whether there are illegal intruders in the room and timely alarm, the robot’s sensor can detect the home temperature and air indicators and monitor whether the fire. Home service entertainment robot can also be used as a control center for intelligent families, we through the robot can operate all the home, including air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, computer and other electrical appliances. Meet the needs of our robots, than to a housekeeper, nanny and security personnel costs much lower, with the artificial intelligence and robot industry, the development of family services, entertainment, robot function will be more and more, we can expect there will be more Of the home service entertainment robot will enter the ordinary family. At the CITE2017 exhibition site, there will be a number of home-based entertainment robots, including Traveler (Beijing) Robotics Technology Co., Ltd., Fleetwick Intelligent Robot Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Kunshan Pangshan Robot Co., Ltd., etc. Home service entertainment robot products. The audience will be able to experience in advance these robots steward for us to bring the different life services.

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Child education companion robot | give children a different childhood

In our childhood memories, there are little partners playing between the play, there are schools to keep reading sound. But as the pace of our work accelerates, the time to accompany children is less and less, the education of children is less and less. Children have limited time to school, but they are learning more and more. This is the time, the main child education and companion robot came in handy. Child education and companion robots provide users with child care, interactive communication, learning guidance and remote parent-child communication. Through the robot equipped with high-definition camera, parents can always observe the lives of young children, children can also be real-time video connection interaction. Through the robot within the intelligent voice system, the robot can communicate with children for voice interaction. Built-in cloud services can provide children with different stages of learning counseling services, learning the content of knowledge will never expire. CITE2017 exhibition site, there will be Shenzhen City gifted must Select Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen City Cambrian Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Xin Yi Jia Technology Co., Ltd., Nanjing Avatar robot and many other children’s education and companion robot on-site display. The audience can interact with these robots to experience “different childhood”.

Where is the outlet Artificial Intelligence Summit Forum

The 5th China Electronic Information Expo will not only bring together the latest products of artificial intelligence industry to showcase the latest products and the latest technology, but also will be held, including artificial intelligence summit forum, including a number of artificial intelligence industry related forum. There will be artificial intelligence industry well-known research institutions, investment institutions, leading enterprises, well-known experts gathered together, with the audience to explore the direction of artificial intelligence industry development, looking for the next development opportunities for industrial development!

Artificial intelligence has begun to change our lives and affect our future. Artificial intelligence industry will also contain new opportunities. Ready to meet with the CITE2017 to meet the era of artificial intelligence?

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