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cell phone bombs ad users are numerous

Recently, the public Miss Wei rebellion, said her iPhone mobile phone desktop suddenly pop-up invitation to remind the calendar, she only found the calendar comes with the phone has been invited to occupy the garbage ads, from time to time let the pop-up ads bothersome.. Out of trouble.

Miss Wei introduced early last month, her iPhone mobile desktop suddenly pop up a small window, “a closer look, is actually a calendar pop-up gambling ads.” Miss Wei said, when she did not care, but later found every hour , Small ads will pop up once, “Really annoying ah, I do not know why there will not know how to delete.”

cell phone bombs ad users are numerous

Reporters point Miss Wei mobile phone system comes with calendar, saw the calendar in October, November, December, each date has a small black spot below. “There is a black dot means that has been occupied by spam advertising, the day there will be advertising pop.” Miss Wei said. Reporters random point to open a date and found that there are some gambling ads.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter found that the Internet search, the same situation also appears in a lot of iPhone mobile phone users who, most users are very troubled and helpless. In this regard, Apple customer service, calendar invitation is the phone comes with features, if the user opens the iCloud share, other people can send a calendar invitation to the user ID account, the user’s phone will be displayed. “But if it is advertising, does affect the user to use, you can iCloud in the calendar sharing options to turn off when prompted to delete, you can delete all the points directly.

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