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Buffett to engage in smart jewelry: in April to push Ela and mobile phone linkage

According to the US media recently reported that “shares of God” Buffett management of Berkshire Hathaway company’s largest jewelry group Richline plans to launch in April smart jewelry brand Ela, which is the world’s leading jewelry group for the first time announced the field of smart jewelry.

Buffett had been cautious about investing in technology companies and had said it would not invest in companies whose technology went beyond its understanding. Therefore, the news will cause a high degree of concern.

Buffett said in an interview that the jewelry industry for thousands of years has been stable development continues to date, investment is relatively safe, smart jewelry is through the integration of scientific and technological elements, jewelry products to upgrade, let it more in line with the new era of consumer preferences.

According to industry sources, Ela jewelry will be through the Bluetooth transmission and mobile phone program, the “smart wear” equipment step, calorie consumption, calls and message reminders and other functions into. In addition, the product can also be songs, pictures or voice deposited or sent to others, in order to achieve “emotional function.”

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Richline product innovation head Ulrich said the next step in the development of the jewelry industry should come from adding a new “experience.” He said that although Apple watches are not optimistic about many people in the industry, but it has become second only to Rolex’s second largest global watch brand, he believes that the jewelry industry is likely to be a similar phenomenon.

However, the current “smart wear” industry is undergoing adjustment. According to reports, the world’s largest wearing equipment company Fitbit has now 6% of the global layoffs, valuation has shrunk significantly. And the estimated $ 3 billion of the world’s first smart hand ring company Jawbone has announced the shutdown for the general consumer UP series bracelet.

China-Europe cooperation smart jewelry brand TOTWOO founder Wang Jieming that smart bracelet more suitable for use in sports or medical applications, but had been exaggerated in a variety of life scenes can be used. Therefore, the idea and the actual does not lead to the industry and the market appears to adjust.

However, in the United States, Europe, China and India, there are still many start-up companies have entered the field of smart jewelry. China’s famous jewelry company Chow Tai Fook announced this month, a low-key beta a smart jewelry.

According to information consulting firm Europe Rui’s latest statistics, the global jewelry market size has more than 300 billion US dollars and growth and stability.

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