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Behind the data fights: China’s smart phone industry, why go farther?

Communications World News (CWW) Recently, with the market research and statistical agencies for the 2017 smartphone shipments and market share (national and domestic) statistics released, who is the smart phone market, especially the Chinese smart phone market One of the arguments come and go.

We have no intention to determine who is the real name of the Chinese smart phone NO.1 (left to the industry according to different statistical methods to judge it), we are more concerned about these manufacturers behind the data on behalf of the Chinese smart phone How can the industry go farther, and what elements should it be in order to go further?

From Apple’s latest quarter iPhone sales outbreak and Samsung Note7 due to “bombing machine” recalled both sides in the high-end market sales of different view, innovation, brand and quality is still the future and future smart phone industry forward common and decisive basic factors. And in these three factors, the Chinese mobile phone manufacturers in China is undoubtedly the undisputed strongest.

For example, on behalf of the number of innovative patents, Huawei is not only compared with domestic manufacturers, that is, in the global market is also among the best, this point from the main patent statistics statistics can be seen.

In the brand, IPSOS research results show that Huawei’s global brand awareness from 76% in 2015 increased to 81% in 2017, overseas users of Huawei brand consideration and preference were increased by 2015 compared to 66.7% and 100% Overseas users of Huawei mobile design aesthetic, fashion and innovation recognition level has been significantly improved.

As for the quality, a well-known top operators recently launched in Europe for mobile phone service and after-sales maintenance competitions show that Huawei by virtue of good service, quality control and efficient after-sales maintenance, ranked first in the major manufacturers. “Huawei is ranked as top supplier in terms of product quality.” In the Netherlands, Poland and Germany, the quality of the most demanding Western European countries, Huawei to more 5.0 points, 4.8 points, 4.7 points high score top.

Of course, in addition to the above common and determinants, the Chinese mobile phone market and manufacturers, there are still differences in the personality elements, and in view of the domestic mobile phone manufacturers in these individual factors are almost the same, so the balance between these factors appears to Important, but also the ultimate measure of domestic mobile phone manufacturers can go further strength standards.

The first is the balance of the market, specifically the domestic market and the balance of overseas markets. According to TrendForce analysis and forecast, due to OPPO and vivo two brands in 2017 the number of production, the annual growth rate has been relatively high, and the two companies strategy is still dominated by domestic and overseas market share is low, the pre- This year will be difficult to maintain high growth, so their shipments this year depends mainly on the overseas market expansion.

This shows that the future of Chinese mobile phone manufacturers in the overseas market performance is particularly important, which is consistent with domestic manufacturers have been referred to the strategy to the overseas market. But from 2017 China’s smart phone industry development representatives, the same high-speed growth of Huawei and OV (OPPO and vivo referred to) smartphone shipments accounted for the proportion of the market, Huawei has reached the domestic and overseas market ratio of 1: 1, Performance is quite balanced. In contrast, in the smartphone shipments in the OV, the domestic market share is still between 80% and 90%, the proportion of serious imbalance, which means that the future in the process of overseas markets, OV challenges and Pay the cost of such variables are much higher.

Followed by the balance of the channel. It is well known that the explosive growth of OV in 2017 is closely related to the accumulation of its traditional offline channels and the changes in the market and user selection (from line to line). We clearly remember the original millet original “Internet marketing” to make it once aspirations to China’s smart phone market and into the global smart phone market before 5. Helpless or not expected that the market and the user to choose the wind changes, making millet online channel model suffered heavy losses, last year’s sales fell as much as 36% year on year. In fact, the analysis of millet decline, not so much online channel weakness, it is better to imitate the rice channel. In contrast, today, thanks to the traditional line of high-speed channel OV is also true And in view of the most transmutation of the Chinese market and users, leading the pattern of two or three years of change is normal, this special market environment, the balance is particularly important. And mentioning the balance, we have to mention Huawei again. The main line of glory and deep plowing Huawei’s two major brand series last year have achieved rapid growth, Huawei has made remarkable achievements in the two indispensable wheels.

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Finally, the balance of innovation and marketing. The same as the rapid growth of Huawei and OV, to the industry’s impression that Huawei is more focused on innovation to drive, and OV is more by marketing, which from both sides in research and development, patent accumulation and marketing costs have been confirmed. It can be said that in innovation, Huawei leads the OV one chip, but in marketing, OV first Huawei step. But if we combine the common factors of the smartphone industry and the market factors in the Chinese market, it is clear that the OV is not only less innovative than Huawei, but its marketing is almost always concentrated in the domestic market, leading to the balance between marketing and innovation Far less than Huawei.

Based on the above analysis, we believe that China’s smart phone industry in order to go further, with the industry’s universal innovation, brand and quality of the common elements at the same time, but also for the Chinese mobile phone market, the balance between the individual elements , It is possible in the future domestic and international smart phone market to keep ahead and sustained power.

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