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at the end of the new machine tide dig deep subdivision market

With Christmas, New Year’s Day, Spring Festival approaching, the enthusiasm of domestic mobile phone manufacturers sprint season is also rising up. The most recent week, only Meizu one, has released three new smart cell mobile phones, while covering the high middle and low, the momentum is quite fierce. Samsung has experienced the explosion of the Note 7 incident, also rallied for the Chinese consumer habits, introduced a highly “custom” C9 Pro restore momentum, coupled with nine love technology, rice and other emerging wisdom of mobile phone brands, the market is quite lively. However, and the past get together quite a range of price range is different, this round of new machine released craze, a lot of functional innovation highlights, manufacturers of the market segment demand mining more in-depth up.

Meizu three bursts of high school low-end want to kill

Although a lot of bad news recently, but the pace of Meizu sprint 2016 did not slow down. Recently, it has released the Meizu Pro 6 Plus, Charm Blue X and Charm Blue Note 5 three chips, the price covers less than 1,000 yuan, 1000-1500 yuan, 3,000 yuan and so the three range, to achieve a comprehensive high-low-end force. One of the main high-end Pro 6 Plus is the first domestic flagship Samsung 8890 models, and the body of the curve to be redesigned. The new micro-arc design, after 30 processes and 150 hours of uncompromising attention to detail, CD line camera, ring flash and minimalist design antenna and other details, plus 3D Press linear gravity calibration, mTouch fingerprint identification “in vivo testing technology” And other features of the optimization, are to make this product has become the flagship model of the Meizu year; and Charm Blue X and Charm Blue Note 5 in their respective price range has a very good price, especially the charm Blue Note 5 joined the whole Metal body, the whole Netcom, fingerprint recognition, 18W fast charge and other fashion features of the case still maintained a starting price of 899 yuan, the price is quite prominent, and charm blue X in the design of a lot of effort, aluminum The integrated metal frame and double-sided 2.5D glass is designed to provide young people with an appealing current trend.

In addition to hardware upgrades, in which several models, Meizu will also be equipped with the new Flyme 6 operating system, built-in AI machine learning based on the new intelligent thinking engine “One Mind” with analysis, decision-making and evolution of three capabilities , Can automatically provide users with multiple scenarios under the efficient use of intelligent solutions. The Lightning Start feature marks the most frequently used applications at the highest priority for fast response. At the same time, “One Mind” can also be combined with the BSP layer of resource configuration capabilities to create a high intelligence game mode, the game can intelligently adjust the CPU and GPU frequency, clean up memory and shield all floating notifications, global gestures, MBack, to ensure that the user’s immersive gaming experience. Security, Flyme 6 to join the “parallel space” feature, for users to create multi-identity, multi-scene of the new security model, just set up different fingerprints can be freely switched between any role. In addition, Flyme 6 also increased the WeChat specifically, the cloud synchronization time machine, camera beauty makeup and more than 400 new features, this combination of soft and hard way will no doubt greatly enhance the Meizu series of mobile phone market competitiveness.

New forces debut main affection, light luxury wind

In addition to the old forces such as Meizu, the end of the peak season is also quite active brand new, and have aimed at a more segmented market. Recently, nine love science and technology in Hangzhou released a flagship “emotional connection” smart phone – H1. According to the briefing, this H1 smart phone with a smart bracelet, through a dedicated EIOS family operating system, intelligent voice system, family and love to see and help family and two windows feature window, the medical services, health data monitoring, And other services together to meet the basic needs of older users. In addition, the phone also set up a family window, can be used as a family media members of the voice, video, pictures and other shared platform, displayed on the phone desktop.

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According to Jiuai technology founder Shao Chenxi said, halove H1 main consumer groups in a second-tier cities hard, 30-45 years old, and their parents live in different places, and has strong spending power of the crowd. It is understood that the mobile phone target consumers’ monthly household income of 15,000 to 20,000 yuan. Of course, this phone’s pricing is relatively high. Shao Chenxi said, halove H1 mobile phone has been through mobile, China Unicom and Telecom three major operators pre-sale 50,000 units, and has received more than 100 million yuan in advance. Shao Chenxi to Nanfang Daily reporter said, through the operator channel for sales is a “chance”, but the next will further deepen cooperation, strive to promote to the nationwide, will contract or other forms of cooperation in sales.

Another new brand rice Zhilian on Monday released its new rice phone M7 M7 Plus, these two phones are equipped with sapphire eye protection screen, can effectively filter the blue light to protect the eyes, in addition to these two phones also originality To achieve a full metal shell design and support for wireless charging, and can achieve life waterproof (can shower, washing) function. And other domestic mobile phone main cost-effective approach is different from the rice of two new machine price expensive, 2599 yuan from the sale, the highest allocation is priced at 3999 yuan. In this regard, the founder of rice phone Lin Feng said that sapphire eye protection can effectively filter blue eye protection, but also shield radiation protection of the brain. Sapphire screen than the glass screen hardness 4 times, not easy to scratch, broken, practical. But the cost of sapphire screen than the cost of glass up to 30 times, which led to the price of smart cell mobile phones equipped with sapphire screen will not be too low. In addition to the sapphire screen and wireless charging Aspect, the two rice mobile phone also uses 64-bit 8-core processor, running memory 4GB, body memory is 128GB, equipped with 1080P AMOLED display, support fingerprint recognition, fingerprint payment, Universal infrared remote control, HIFI lossless music and Bluetooth speakers and other rich features. In the sales model, Lin Feng said that the rice phone will also use a combination of online and offline mode, for three years to achieve the 5000 expansion plans of retail stores.

Samsung efforts to further promote the “localization”

at the end of the new machine tide dig deep subdivision market

Despite the frustration of Note 7, but Samsung still did not give up the intention of the Chinese market. Near the end of the year, it is still for the habit of Chinese consumers introduced the “depth of customization” of the C9 Pro this new product, not only starting the Qualcomm Xiao Long 653 processor platform, in addition to camera, online shopping, grab red packets and other keen functions For a large number of local innovation, hoping to “just good” concept of the product to win more market recognition.

According to reports, Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro 6-inch large screen design, but in order to meet the habits of Chinese consumers, Samsung China R & D team to control the body thickness of the 6.9 mm level, while using the MSA (micro-slot antenna ) Process, to solve the metal fuselage back to the mad mad of the antenna to bring beauty loss. And for the self-timer family, C9 Pro also used before and after the camera are 16 million pixels, and the use of F1.9 large aperture design, and WeChat cooperation, introduced a front camera shooting small video, allowing users to more easily in the WeChat Friends circle to send a small video function; for online shopping lovers, C9 Pro also native camera applications built-in “patting Amoy” model, the items will be photographed, the phone can immediately jump to the purchase page, then use Samsung Chi Fu Or Alipay, you can easily complete the purchase; In addition, C9 Pro also “sing it”, “K song” and other co-operation, launched the mobile K song features. Hardware, in addition to starting the Dragon 653, C9 Pro also comes standard with 6GB +64 GB, quite to the force.

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