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apples mobile phone was a remote lock screen hackers asked to unlock the charges were sentenced to four years

Open the Apple mobile phone lost mode, flew to be able to lock the phone has been lost, to prevent others from using the ultimate recovery of mobile phones. But this intimate function was used by people with ulterior motives, into a mandatory lock screen and ask for “unlock fees.” Recently, Pingyang court heard the case, the defendant Xiemou due to sabotage the computer information system was sentenced to four years in prison.

Xiemou was born in 1997, after graduating from junior high school did not continue their studies, normally by reselling QQ Liang number earn money. Last year, when he logged in to someone else’s QQ, he found a message in his mailbox saying “Your Apple ID is used to log in to iCloud on a Windows PC”. See here, Xiemou suddenly a flash of light, I think he had a forum in the view of a post, the user can through the “Find my iPhone”, ” “Locate, lock, and erase data on your phone.

apples mobile phone was a remote lock screen hackers asked to unlock the charges were sentenced to four years

Curiosity, Xiemou try to modify other people’s Apple ID password, after several times actually succeeded. This makes Xiemou moving crooked thoughts, he used the modified Apple ID password, log in iCloud system click on “find my iPhone”, use “lost” and “erase” two models to lock the screen and other mobile phones, and In other people’s mobile phone screen display “mobile phone unlock, contact QQ5127 ****”, to the owner for “unlock fee.” In order to reap more benefits, Xiemou not only to others to buy QQ account and password, and even their own research and production posing as Apple’s official website of the “phishing site” to send messages not specific QQ mailbox, steal others password.

Since then, Xiemou out of control, the use of the above methods to hundreds of owners asking for 100 to 2,500 yuan, ranging from “unlock fees.” Pingyang police received a report from the victim, according to the clues they provide and Xiemou login QQ information, will soon be arrested and brought to justice. The investigation, last May to September, a total of 420 over the owner to Xiemou pay “unlock fees”, a total of 10 million yuan.

“I know that they are wrong, hoping to have the opportunity to turn over a new leaf.” Court, Xiemou acknowledged the facts of the crime, and regret their endless behavior.

The court held that Xiemou violation of state regulations, Apple information systems stored, processed or transmitted data and applications were deleted, modified, the consequences are particularly serious, and its behavior has constituted the crime of destruction of computer information systems; in view of its crime Under the age of 18, to truthfully confessed his crimes, and actively retribution illegal income, according to the law to mitigate punishment. Then made the above judgment.

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