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apple lost its patent phone exposure

Users have been on the iPhone’s security is very recognized, the user set a password on the phone or fingerprint protection, and then lost the case of mobile phones through the “Find My iPhone” positioning to retrieve the phone. “Find My iPhone” function is good, but the need to start the phone to use, and the recent patent upgrade of Apple’s new “Find My iPhone” exposure, the patent shows that even in the case of mobile phone shutdown, the user can still Through “Find My iPhone” retrieve the phone.

According to Apple’s patent documents show that the upgraded version of “Find My iPhone” can be turned off in the case of mobile phones continue to work in the user’s mobile phone is lost, iPhone will start a dedicated built-in timer, automatically open from time to time ” Find My iPhone “function and send the current location information to the owner.

It is worth mentioning that, in the mobile phone off the state to start “Find My iPhone” will not have additional power consumption, the basic state in the absence of electricity, that is even in the case of mobile phones without power upgrade “Find My iPhone” Also can work normally. So that the user can be lost after the real-time location of the phone, retrieve the phone’s probability is higher.

apple lost its patent phone exposure

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