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apple has won the new patent can bend iPhone smartphone

Apple launched the iPhone in 2015, when a lot of customers that their iPhone 6 body is easy to bend. It now appears that Apple may really want to launch flexible and foldable iPhone, because Apple has already obtained the patent in this area. It is reported that Apple has applied for at least twice before the bendable and foldable iPhone patent, but did not succeed.

apple has won the new patent can bend iPhone smartphone

Today, we were surprised to find that Apple was the first to award a bendable and collapsible iPhone patent that covered a collapsible and / or bendable future iPhone, and the patent was filed and issued in the name of Apple. Although the details of the current patent for Apple, Apple does not know the specific details of the screen can be bent, but one can use the material is ceramic. This guess is also consistent with previous Apple patents, including an all-ceramic Apple watch and iPhone.

IPhone maker Apple is not the only company dedicated to flexible / collapsible screen technology. Samsung at least in 2015 has been exploring this path. Similarly, millet and LG before the rumors are being developed flexible screen technology.

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