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apple earn money ruthless

How to follow the innovation of mobile phone entrepreneurs?

Before, we all say that iPhone sales fell, but do not look do not know, a look surprised: Apple earn so “ruthless”!

According to Strategy Analytics latest research shows that despite the iPhone sales continue to fall, Apple’s third quarter profit share of a record high. Global smartphone profits totaled $ 9 billion in the third quarter of 2016, while Apple received 91 percent of global smartphone profits, or $ 8.19 billion, a record high. Huawei, Vivo and OPPO are second only to Apple’s most profitable smart phone manufacturers, but far behind Apple.

“Apple’s ability to maximize pricing and minimize production costs is impressive,” said Linda Sui, director of Strategy Analytics. In addition, the reason why Apple received the highest profits, because consumers of Apple brand loyalty, and its ability to price the form of pricing iPhone.

apple earn money ruthless

In addition to making money, Apple-led innovation has been in the “imitation.” In any case, once the Apple is indeed leading the trend of technological innovation and entrepreneurship. If the upgrade of mobile communication technology gave birth to the outbreak of the mobile Internet era, then the replacement of Apple products, driven technology further innovation. In addition to the phone itself, iPhone mobile phone shell, headphones, built-APP is also aimed at the direction of entrepreneurs. Whether it is shoddy or carefully polished, peripheral iphone products business has long been from the blue sea flood into the Red Sea.

However, in accordance with the current iPhone 7 hardware configuration, iPhone 7 “innovation” mainly focused on two points: cut off the line of headphones and a single camera, the new venture is not as close as ever intense, more will focus In the alternative high Bluetooth headset and other accessories range. Thus, the mobile phone business boom is no longer a dominant, mobile phone entrepreneurs may want to learn to find their own new bright spot.

In addition to making money, there is such a message should be cause for concern. US Presidential election winner Trump said recently that he recalled the conversation with Apple CEO Cook, during which he talked about Apple’s plan to return the manufacturing industry to the United States.

“We’re going to be driving you (Apple),” Trump said, “and we’re going to get a big tax cut on the business and we’ll get out of regulation.” “One of the real accomplishments for me was when Apple went back to the US building a huge Factories, not just one, but many seats.

In fact, Apple’s “return to the United States” is not groundless. It is reported that Apple has been considering the production line to move to the United States, Apple supplier Hon Hai (Foxconn parent company) has begun to study the production line to the United States.

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