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Android Wear 2.0 smart watch released on March 14

By the traditional industry Internet thinking, many of us in the past has become variable products have become more intelligent, and many in all areas of the old manufacturers have become more willing to embrace such a change. The world famous watch brand TAG Heuer has launched a $ 1,500 TAG Heuer Connected smart watch, the final sales exceeded expectations, and let them firm in the direction of the smart watch continued investment.

Recently, foreign media, according to information, TAG Heuer will be in the March 14 White Valentine Day released a new Android smart watch equipped with a new smart watch – TAG Heuer Connected Modular. Obviously this TAG Heuer Connected Modular will be TAG Heuer Connected sequel, said the table used inside the custom module can make it in the ordinary mechanical watches and smart watches in two different modes to switch between each other.

As for the price, there is a previous generation of $ 1,500 pricing, TAG Heuer Connected Modular may not necessarily lower than the price, but this is not impossible, with the product technology and supply chain mature, and ultimately in the price There will be some small down.
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