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andrews occupy nearly Jiucheng smart phone market iPhone share continued to fall

According to foreign reports, market research firm Strategy Analytics released a report Thursday, Google Android mobile operating system in the third quarter accounted for 87.5% of the smart phone operating system market share. In the Android market share continues to grow at the same time, Apple’s iOS market share shrinking.

Strategy Analytics said in the report, Android third quarter accounted for 87.5% of the smart phone market share, which means that the world’s 10 smart phones, almost 9 are equipped with the Android operating system. Android equipment shipments in the third quarter reached 3.286 billion, representing an increase of 10.3% over the same period last year.

At the same time, Apple iPhone shipments in the third quarter of 45.5 million, compared with 48 million last year, down 5.2%. This has been Apple’s latest quarterly report confirmed. Apple’s earnings show, iPhone has the third consecutive quarter of shipments fell year-on-year. Apple iOS operating system in the third quarter market share of 12.1%, lower than the same period last year 13.6%.

andrews occupy nearly Jiucheng smart phone market iPhone share continued to fall

Strategy Analytics noted that other mobile operating systems, including BlackBerry, Microsoft and Samsung Electronics, together accounted for only 0.3% of the mobile operating system market, almost negligible.

Android mobile operating system market share gains, mainly by China and other countries the rise of cheap smart phone manufacturers, but it also faces challenges. “Android’s current leadership in the global smartphone market is unparalleled,” said Woody Oh, director of Strategy Analytics. “Low-cost services and user-friendly software continue to attract global hardware manufacturers, But Google still faces a number of challenges because hundreds of manufacturers to support, Android platform has become too crowded, almost no several Android device manufacturers to profit.Google launch Pixel want to Android in the first place, In fact, to their hardware partners to open fire. “

Google last month released Pixel and Pixel XL large-screen two smart phones, which is Google’s largest hardware release so far one of the activities. Market analysts had said at the time, Google’s this approach may be dependent on Android manufacturers to bring resistance.

Although Apple’s iOS market share in the third quarter of the decline, but it is also noteworthy that Apple released in September before the iPhone 7, and the end of the month before the official launch of the product. Market analysts expect Apple’s iOS market share to rise again in the fourth quarter to the end of December.

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