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A6 dual-core cool arcade iPhone5 ATT version of the sale of 5399 yuan

As a new main, iPhone 5 appearance has a greater change, equipped with a 4-inch screen, a stronger A6 dual-core and larger capacity memory, there are businesses to the iPhone 5 16G latest offer for 5399 yuan, interested friends may wish Look at it.

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Apple iPhone5 (16GB) – 5399 – ATT Edition
Acquisition date: November 26, 2012 more market price changes, please click on the Guangzhou mobile phone market

Apple iPhone5 (16GB)
Apple iPhone5 (16GB) picture series of evaluation forums offer online shopping Nett

Apple iPhone5 (16GB) Apple iPhone5 (16GB)

Apple iPhone5 (16GB) Apple iPhone5 (16GB)

Apple iPhone 5 appearance is the most obvious change is more slender, the screen ratio close to 16: 9, resolution 1136 × 640 resolution, in-Cell touch screen, display as before as excellent. In addition, the iPhone 5’s internal hardware also significantly upgrade, using the latest A6 dual-core processor, 1GB memory, equipped with sapphire glass 800W pixel lens. Although the iOS system is not sensitive to the performance of the hardware, but the performance of the natural nature is not a bad thing. In addition, iPhone 5 also equipped with the latest iOS 6 system, support the Chinese Siri.
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