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a message leads to trojan fraud black industrial chain

On the afternoon of March 23, 2016, Ms. Lin ‘s cell phone in Jinhua received a text message, which reads: “Our party video, send you a copy and go to the website.
Ms. Lin did some time ago had participated in classmates party, readily click on the phone link. Ms. Lin did not think so, click on the “party video” after a few hours, her bank account was repeatedly paid quickly, the total amount is 2,200 yuan, and Ms. Lin did not receive any payment reminder.
After receiving the report, Jinhua City, the public security organs and not because of the small value of the case ignored, but at the same time more than the actual situation of telecommunications fraud, start synthetic combat response mechanism, the case of string together and found only in March , Zhejiang Province, there are more than 30 similar cases, involving more than 30 million worth.
Analysis shows that “party video” is a Trojan horse, and the Trojans, making Trojans SMS, theft of bank cards, access to citizenship and other links by 35 criminals can not be completed, a small case behind most likely involved Huge “black industry”.
The police fraudulent content of the message involved in the analysis, found that the site bound to a mailbox, a large number of victims of mobile phone text messages and address book content such as mail. The police follow this example, mastered the law of the activities of the suspects. April 1, Guangxi Nanning, the full support of the police, police in Zhejiang Binyang County, Guangxi, a trade company in one fell swoop in Mongolia Meng captured a Guangxi Binyang nationality suspects.
After the capture of Mongolia and other four major suspects, the police as a breakthrough, for the entire upstream and downstream of the “black industrial chain,” each aspect of a comprehensive in-depth investigation and evidence collection work. After nearly six months of investigation, police handling the case to send Trojans SMS, Trojans produced procedures, the sale of Trojans, trafficking of civic information, trafficking in bank information, theft of bank cards and other six criminal links in the dozens of suspects were ground verification. Police in the context of a comprehensive grasp of the entire criminal gang, was removed 11 provinces, 16 counties and cities, start arresting action, arrested a total of 35 suspects.

Criminal gangs collaborate with individual agency staff to participate

With the depth of the investigation, the case in addition to the earliest to send Trojans to send SMS theft group, behind the scenes there are the sale of mobile phone Trojans, the sale of citizen information, the sale of bank card information, bank card fraud and other personnel involved, although they mutual , But do not know, but in the Internet this virtual platform, for the common criminal purposes, the formation of “supply, sales, production, sale” complete criminal industry chain.
Let police handling the case did not expect is that in these suspected criminals, individual banks and government agencies and staff, but also involved in such as citizenship information, bank account information, such as betrayal transactions, become the chain of crime is an indispensable important one ring.
According to the suspect confessed, Mongolia and others from the internal staff to obtain some of the citizens of the identity information, cell phone number, edit the text, the SMS group. Once the victim clicks the link, the phone is in the Trojan, SMS content and address book will be automatically forwarded to the bound mailbox, and then Mongolia and others will continue to push a Trojan SMS text messages to the victim phone book friends, The success rate is multiplied.

a message leads to trojan fraud black industrial chain

Suspects from the victim to get the contents of the message, which will be involved in the victim’s name, bank card, identity card number, mobile phone number and other information, sent to the sale of citizens and bank information suspects, buy the complete information, And then sent to the theft of information to the bank card fraud suspects (commonly known as “washing materials”). “Washing materials” according to the bank card number, verification code and other information in the form of third-party payment for cash, money and criminal suspects into.

Improve laws and regulations, intensify efforts to eradicate telecommunications fraud soil

Zhejiang Criminal Investigation Corps relevant responsible person said that the current types of telecommunications fraud, fishing Trojan fraud accounted for a considerable proportion, because of its highly hidden, to prevent more difficult, the success rate of committing the crime is extremely high. One of the most important reasons is the leakage of personal information, giving fraudsters the opportunity to accurately implement fraud.
Yuli Jun, senior security expert of Alibaba, said that the existence of a number of Internet technology-related software industry chain, the black industry chain for the downstream criminal gangs to provide technical, software and related services, serious damage to the normal order of the Internet.
Some police handling the case said that in the governance and combat practice, all aspects of the fraud industry chain personnel, such as Trojan developers, traffickers, often need to demonstrate its malicious purpose of “uniqueness” as a basis for law enforcement, according to the current law Regulations, it is difficult to identify their crimes, greatly increased the difficulty of combat.

China’s current laws, regulations and the relevant provisions of the illegal acquisition of only part of the sale of personal information and behavior of citizens involved in the illegal invasion of computer information systems have a clear legal provisions, but the production of various types of malware, Class organization of underground transactions integrated malicious platform, its illegality are not clearly identified, but no clear penalties, the introduction of management mechanisms.
Lawyer Cheng Xue Lin Zhejiang Law Firm believes that for all aspects of fraud black industry chain, if there are other people aware of the use of its links to criminal acts, such as tailor-made according to the specific needs of users of the Trojan horse, should be implemented according to the user Specific acts in accordance with the joint crime.

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