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90 percent of business people like the features you have your smart cell mobile phones

Who is the real business flagship? This is difficult to give an accurate answer, but one thing is certain, which features a mobile smart cell mobile phones more inclined to business people, but also to meet the aesthetic needs of business people, then this is a successful business smart cell mobile phones. VivoXplay6 series set exquisite appearance, strong performance and extraordinary ability to take pictures in one, and access to the general favor of consumers, the main fashion young people exclusive mobile smart cell mobile phones. Of course, maybe a lot of people do not know, vivoXplay6 in the business field also occupy a space for one person.

Business people to deal with a large number of people every day, the rapid expansion of the circle of business people of course want to work and life separated, so that you can work in a busy day after the enjoyment of their cozy life. Dual SIM dual standby mobile smart cell mobile phones and therefore there, but dual card dual standby mobile smart cell mobile phones and can not fundamentally solve the problem. Although the smart cell mobile phones number is separated, after all, with the same smart cell mobile phones, it will inevitably use the same software to deal with work and life in the matter, so often cause some unnecessary trouble.

90 percent of business people like the features you have your smart cell mobile phones

The simplest and brutal way to solve this problem is to use two mobile smart cell mobile phoness, one for work and one for personal life. Although this can make life and work separately, but with inconvenience, how many people are willing to go out with two mobile smart cell mobile phoness? Both heavy and consumption position. Therefore, in vivoXplay6 application with body function, can really achieve the effect of a machine on the 2nd. In a mobile smart cell mobile phones while using two WeChat, QQ, Alipay, etc., bring great convenience. Even with a cell smart cell mobile phones, but also allows you to work and life at ease.

When you are busy for a period of time to take a break but do not want to miss important information how to do? The nativeXplay6 with its own intrusion prevention mode can easily help you solve this problem. Do not disturb mode is different from the silent mode and vibration mode, open this mode allows us to get rid of mobile smart cell mobile phoness, information, disturbing, and will not let you miss priority notification. When you turn this mode on, all calls and messages are muted, but some priority events, such as alarms and calendar reminders, continue to alert you. This feature is very useful for business people, when you want to set a good time to rest mode, and add some important contacts to allow, you can “allow priority to bother” setting to select which people to allow Exceptions, so you can rest assured that the rest.

Not only that, in order to achieve efficient use of mobile smart cell mobile phoness, vivoXplay6 also designed a split screen function, according to need, automatically or manually to achieve a multi-screen applications. So that business people while working on things, while the customer’s information back to avoid the frequent switching. Split-screen multi-tasking is just a small improvement, but greatly enhance the business people to use the smart cell mobile phones’s convenience and efficiency.

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In the end, of course, the lack of this important function of cloud services, cloud services can synchronize your mobile smart cell mobile phones data inside the cloud inside the disk. The new version of FuntouchOS cloud service optimized, in addition to previously can back up contacts, information and pictures, you can also back up applications, notes and blacklists. So you are not afraid of the smart cell mobile phones is broken, lost and other reasons, the information stored inside the mobile smart cell mobile phones, especially business people, cell smart cell mobile phones which holds a large number of customer information, if lost, it will cause great losses. After all, we all know that the smart cell mobile phones has a price, the information is priceless, with the cloud service this feature, you can worry a lot.

Application of spare, do not interfere with mode, multi-screen multi-tasking, cloud services, these features are essential for business people, set these features in a vivoXplay6, seems to be for business people and students.

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