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5X technology will redefine the smart phone to take pictures

This morning, the OPPO official sent an invitation letter confirming that the MWC2017 conference will be held on February 27 and will include the “2.27, Go 5x Further @ MWC 2017 with OPPO! # OPPO5X New Technology”, suggesting that the new machine supports support “5X” technology. 5X is obviously 5 times the meaning, then what part of the phone will be 5 times the upgrade it? Now the mainstream point of view are OPPO new machine will support 5 times optical zoom, and according to OPPO overseas market official position, 5 times optical zoom really fly.

OPPO: 5X technology will redefine the smart phone to take pictures

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In fact, OPPO today also issued another invitation abroad, its color and style and microblogging we see some different, and Slogan as “So close you can feel it”, where more prominent “distance” , 5X should refer to the optical zoom.

OPPO: 5X technology will redefine the smart phone to take pictures

According to OPPO, the new technology called “5x Project”, it is a newest smart phone camera technology, allowing users to “take an unprecedented high detail photos.” In addition, OPPO’s head of India’s area, Sky Li, said the technology “will change the world’s awareness of smart phones.” It is reported that OPPO’s technology has gone through a year of research and development, is a lot of smart phone camera technology Expert crystallization.

According to IDC data, last year OPPO mobile phone shipments up to 99.4 million, an increase of 133%, surpass Huawei to become China’s largest smart phone manufacturers, technology and active marketing is the main reason for the success of OPPO.

About MWC 2017

MW World (Mobile World Congress) is the World Mobile Communications Conference, by the world’s mobile communications industry, one of the three major international organizations – GSM Association hosted the field of mobile communications event. 2017 MWC will be held from February 27 to March 2 at the Barcelona International Convention and Exhibition Center in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Up to now, Samsung, Microsoft, Sony, LG, Lenovo, Huawei, Jin Li, ZTE and many other well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers have identified exhibitors,

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