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2017 votes in the spring of four votes into the users preferred phone grab votes

2017 Spring Festival will start from January 13 to February 21 end of the past five years is the first spring. Ticket pre-sale period of 30 days. Qiazhiyisuan, the Spring Festival grab votes war has been imminent. How to grasp the ticketing information, the first time to grab votes fast hand, has become the focus of the Spring Festival return home are concerned. Recently, 360 browser released the “2017 Spring Transport Forecast Report” shows that with the popularity of smart phones, mobile phone browser features perfect, the number of passengers by phone to grab votes increased year by year. 2017 is expected to have nearly forty percent of users preferred grab votes.

Data show that since the 360 ​​browser launch PC-side grab votes and mobile-side grab votes, the proportion of users through the mobile side to grab votes is increasing year by year, from 9% in 2014 to 2016, 25%. In 2017, this proportion is expected to climb to 37%, close to 40%.

2017 votes in the spring of four votes into the user’s preferred phone grab votes

Figure 1: grab ticket channels continue to tilt the mobile end

360 browser is the largest user of the third-party grab software, accounting for Qi Cheng market share, known as “grab votes artifact.” Since 2011, 360 browser has helped more than 200 million users across the country to successfully buy the Spring Festival tickets, accumulated a large number of users grab votes data.

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For the fierce grab votes in 2017 situation, 360 browser to increase the mobile side of the technology and resources, on-line “360 mobile browser grab book special edition.” Last year, the integration of the 360 ​​Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Visual Identification Technology 360 browser, you can quickly and accurately identify the image verification code, this technology will be more mature and powerful, not only can automatically identify the verification code, can also help users to automatically log , Automatic submission of orders, greatly enhance the efficiency of grab votes.

12306 vote source is divided into mobile and PC-side two channels, the votes are separate sources, and with the rise of mobile Internet, votes are gradually tilted to the mobile side. The new version of the 360 ​​mobile browser can achieve double engine grab votes. PC and mobile end docking independent grab ticket engine, contact 12306 exclusive grab ticket channel, grab votes more stable, faster and effective to improve the success rate of grab votes, and the two engines can automatically switch, when the mobile end of the interface problems Time, will automatically switch to web version of the interface.

2017 votes in the spring of four votes into the user’s preferred phone grab votes

2017 votes in the spring of four votes into the users preferred phone grab votes

Figure 2: PC, mobile phones, “twin-engine” exclusive grab ticket channel

2017 Spring Railway is expected to send 356 million passenger trips, an increase of 9.7%, once again hit a record high. At the same time due to shorten the pre-sale period, pre-holiday students and migrant workers superimposed on each other and other factors, 2017 is expected to become “the history of the most difficult to grab votes.” In order to help users quickly grab votes, peace of mind to go home, 360 browser in addition to continuously enhance the mobile end grab votes function, also released the “2017 Spring Festival forecast report” and “360 Spring large data visualization map system”, allowing users anywhere Grasp the Spring Festival market, grab tickets no longer difficult to go home.

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