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2017 India smart phone market research: local production will increase significantly

In recent years, India has become a lot of smart phone manufacturers Nuggets place.

IDC statistics show that in the third quarter of 2017, India’s smart phone reached 300 million shipments, India has officially surpassed the United States, becoming the world’s second largest smart phone market.

The author sorted out some of the Indian people’s mobile phone life-related data, hoping to reflect the local mobile phone market development.

What kind of mobile phones do people care about?

To 2017 Google India smart phone hot search list, for example, the top ten mobile phones were:

1.Freedom 251

2.ihone 7

3. red rice Note3

4. Lenovo K4 Note

5. Samsung J7

6. Motorola G4

7. plus 3

8.iPhone SE

9.Google Pixel

10. Lenovo K5 Note

However, this hot search on behalf of the more is the Internet to the Indian people’s attention to the situation.

What is the number of Chinese mobile phone brands in India?

IDC data show that in October 2017, India’s smart phone market share of Chinese manufacturers accounted for 40%. 2017 Q4 quarter, the Indian market share of the top five mobile phone brands accounted for four, millet, Lenovo, OPPO, vivo list. Counterpoint Research data show that in 2017 Q4 China smartphone brand in India’s market share of 46% in India ranked first, while the 15-year share of only 14%.

At present, has entered the Indian market of Chinese mobile phones are: OPPO, vivo, Jin Li, millet, a plus, Lenovo, music, such as mobile phones.

What is the development of mobile phones made in India?

According to the “Indian Times” data, “India-made” mobile phone market is expected to be in the 2017-17 fiscal year to the development of one trillion rupees (converted into RMB about 100 billion) scale, compared to two years ago the economic scale has turned More than 5 times.

Counterpoint Research data show that in 2017 India’s local production of smart phones more than 83 million units, Indian Science and Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said 17 years is expected to produce nearly 200 million mobile phone equipment in India, and two years ago, local production of mobile phone production for the 6000 Million units.

Is the Indian more smartphone?

Peeves data reported in 2015 had counted the “global smartphone ownership rate.” India only 17% of the population is using a smart phone. Although most people have mobile phones, but for non-intelligent machines, and another 22% of people do not have mobile phones. But because of India’s population, and mobile phone penetration continues to increase, India still won the world’s smart phone user market before the second position.

In contrast, China’s smart phone has a rate of 58%, the United States 72%. According to foreign media reports, in the mobile phone power in India, some underage or unmarried women were banned the use of mobile phones, worried that “induced crime.”

How much money can you buy?

According to the Indian government statistics and plans to implement the data released by the forecast, India in the 2017-17 fiscal year per capita national income of 103,007 rupees, equivalent to about 10569 yuan (about 1539 US dollars).

According to the IMF forecast, India 2017 GDP growth rate of 7.6%, 2017 India’s per capita GDP will be 1849 US dollars. According to the Trading Economics data, China’s GDP per capita in 2017 was $ 6890, about four times that of India. While the United States in 2017 per capita GDP forecast of 52,500 US dollars.

In accordance with the national per capita GDP and the current price of the country’s iPhone 7 Plus (different national tariffs will result in different mobile phone prices) rough calculation, the Indians can buy about 1.1 Taiwan 256GB of iPhone 7 Plus, the Chinese people can buy 5.9 units, the Americans Can buy 54 units.

So for the price of extremely sensitive to the Indian consumers, the high price of the iPhone in the Indian market high and low.

As the price of mobile phones for many Indians is a burden, but the phone is a modern life necessities, cheap mobile phone has become a lot of people’s pursuit.

British “Financial Times” has reported that India to buy iPhone for the rich, or through second-hand transactions and cheaper parallel trading channels. For ordinary people, the price of 12,000 to 22,000 rupees (about 220 to 400 US dollars) between the mobile phone, is their mainstream choice. But also bring security risks.

After India had a mobile phone scam: 4 US dollars (about 26 yuan) will be able to buy a smart phone, this thing also 忽悠 a lot of people.

Indians generally through what channels to buy mobile phones?

According to Counterpoint Research released in March 2017, in 2015, one-third of India’s smart phones are sold through the electricity business platform. The report shows that the total sales of smart phones in 2015 is 100 million units, while India’s local business platform Flipkart online sales of about 10.5 million units. The report also mentioned that online sales of mobile phones, nearly one-third of the sales price in the 6000 rupees to 10,000 rupees (about 600 yuan to 1,000 yuan) between.

However, in IDC’s report, India is still “offline retail market.” In India, in addition to Reliance Digital such a relatively large 3C chain stores, each city has scattered distribution of offline stores. But these retail stores, but not what you think.

Karol Bagh, New Delhi, known as the “Huaqiang North” in India, spread all over the couples of electronic products selling shop, in addition to selling mobile phones, may also sell cigarettes, food and other daily necessities. And compared to the latest smart phones, mixed with all kinds of two mobile phones, old models of mobile phones, and even the number of functional machines than the number of smart phones even more.

Does the Indians love online shopping?

Cheetah global think tank has statistics on China and India in the shopping section of the online shopping situation.

China’s “double 11” shopping festival in 2015, only Taobao a day sales reached 912.17 billion yuan (about 13.614 billion US dollars), and 2017 during the Diwali during the Indians in the electricity consumption of 1.7 billion US dollars, Chinese people only one day in Taobao consumption is India’s energy consumption of the whole bar light consumption 8 times.

According to India’s “Internet real-time status” website statistics, the number of Internet users in India in 2017 is about 460 million, second only to China, is the world’s second largest Internet users market, but according to RedSeer Consulting survey, only 20 million people will often Online shopping. Although India’s online sales are now about $ 13 billion, India has a huge market share of 1.33 billion people, RedSeer Consulting also believes that India’s network sales in 2020 can reach 80 billion to 100 billion US dollars.

In addition, according to a Nielsen study in June 2017, Amazon was India’s favorite e-commerce brand, followed by Flipkart.

However, Counterpoint search data statistics show that local electric business company Flipkart share in India accounted for nearly half.

What is the Indians doing with mobile phones?

Piou Si data show that in 2015 there are many people love to play mobile phones in India. There are 42% of the people in the mobile phone, and 58% of the numbers in China. However, India also has 27% of people only once or a week with a week, China is 21%.

Among them, the mobile app app, Facebook, instant messaging Whatspp and UC browser is India’s largest download of the three app.

What is the situation with the Indian mobile network?

According to India’s “Internet real-time status” website statistics, in 2017 India’s network coverage rate of 34.8%. But mainly concentrated in the town, India’s vast rural areas are still in the network blind area, urban and rural digital divide is great.

In 2017, GSMA India Mobile Economic Report shows that in India, 2G / 3G is the mainstream, and 2G accounted for much higher than 3G, only a small number of operators will provide 4G network, the end of 2015 4G network connection only 3 million The

India’s communications market is very complex, there are more than a dozen operators, including Battie Telecom, Vodafone India, Idea Cellular, BSNL and Reliance Communications. Among them, the number of users with the largest number of Batti subsidiary Airtel India.

According to foreign media reports, the Global Mobile Communications Systems Association (GSMA) released the latest report in 16 years, India’s independent mobile users by 2020 will grow to nearly 1 billion people, compared with 166 June 6,600 a substantial increase.

What is the cost of mobile network traffic?

India’s network situation is poor, but the price is relatively cheap.

It is understood that traffic in India is calculated according to 28 days for a traffic package, most of the operating price is 255 rupees (about 26 yuan) 1GB of traffic, the largest operator Aritel 2GB package price is about 50 yuan ( 500 rupees). It is reported that the letter of the letter of India’s Nobel Industrial Group, the company also recently out of the world’s cheapest traffic charges, a GB as long as 50 rupees (about 5 yuan).

India’s Wi-Fi coverage also has a clear urban-rural digital divide status quo. India’s “Economic Times” reported that recently, India will be in this Internet promotion project invested 100 billion rupees (about 1.4 billion US dollars). The Indian government has also announced plans to promote free Wi-Fi services in more than 1,000 villages. Google has also provided free Wi-Fi service to more than 1,000 railway stations in India since the end of last year.

What is the development of mobile gaming in India?

India’s National Software and Service Association (NASSCOM) and App Annie in November 2017 jointly issued a report that 2017 Q2, India mobile phone game downloads have reached 1.6 billion times, ranking the world’s top five.

It is understood that the second quarter of 2017, India’s mobile gaming industry profits of 16 million US dollars, compared with the same period in 2014 increased by 80% profit. But at the GMIC Bangalore conference, Google India vice president Rajan Anandan put forward a view: Although India’s 80% of smartphone users are gamers, but they play games do not pay.

IOS in India, although not high, but it brings the game revenue accounted for nearly half of the total revenue.

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India Mobile payment situation

Paytm is India’s largest payment platform. As of July 2017, the platform registered users reached 140 million, the daily completion of payment of 3 million pen, due to the Indian banknote movement, mobile payment Paytm developed rapidly.

Paytm released data show that since the announcement of the banknote news has been 400 million people began to use Paytm, the payment platform daily trading volume has reached a record 5 million pen.

Indian media also reported that not only Paytm, India’s second largest payment giant MobiKwik data is also growing rapidly: its application downloads have tripled, while the amount of money increased by nearly 20 times.

As people do not have enough cash in their hands, people have to turn to use online payments, and India has been insisting on the use of cash. It is understood that last year, 78% of India’s consumer transactions are completed in cash, the proportion of developed economies is three or four times.

At the same time, in India, more than 1 billion people, 230 million people have never been to the bank, as of now the entire country issued only 23 million credit cards. In China, about three people have a credit card.

However, although the Indian government has always wanted to establish a “no cash society”, but because most of India’s regional network signal is too poor, the Indian people more trust in cash transactions and other actual situation, at present, mobile payment in India can only be said to be rapid development period, also No burst of red products can “dominate the world.”

What is the Indian mobile application market?

App Annie released the “Global Mobile Application Market Review in 2017” report shows that in 2017 the Indian market more than the United States, won the Google Play software store app download the world’s first throne. In 2015 Google Play India’s app download volume of 3.5 billion times, in 2017 the number rose to 6 billion times, it can be said app download in India was a straight up trend.

In addition, the use of the use of app length, the Indian mobile phone users in the phone spent a total of 150 billion hours, won the first in the world. Global users on the phone installed on the average of 30 app, India installed an average of 38.

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