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2016 Moscow sold a smart phone every 3 in there are two Chinese brands

According to the Russian news agency on February 19, Moscow Information Technology Bureau analysts believe that the Russian consumers of Chinese smart phone brand loyalty significantly increased, began to see the Chinese mobile phone as an independent brand, not just as a Samsung or Apple phone cheap alternatives.

Analysts Yevgeny Alminov said: “Consumers have significantly increased loyalty to Chinese manufacturers, not only their products as Samsung or Apple cheap alternatives.Chinese brand and the traditional brands on the market began directly Competition, consumers subconsciously choose millet, Meizu or Huawei mobile phone specific models.

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According to the Department of analysts, in 2017 in Moscow sold smart phones, each of the three inside there are two Chinese brands. Over the past three years, China’s smart phone sales in the proportion has increased by 2 times.

Analysts said that China’s smart phone’s cost-effective is one of the reasons for its popularity.

In view of the popularity of Chinese mobile phones, the Moscow Information Technology Bureau, especially for millet, Huawei, Digma and Meizu smart phone diagnosis and maintenance of online services.

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