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20000 users to spend andrews 7 the old mobile phone full of blood resurrection

Andrews phone from the birth of that day, the more with the card, the more loaded APP memory consumption has been criticized. So many years, the problem has not been resolved, mobile phone manufacturers can only be through the way of heap hardware to alleviate this problem. However, the new machine, because the configuration is high, may be very smooth, but the more the more problems with the card or will appear. Caton, became the Andrews endorsement.

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Huawei announced the first few days of the conference, based on Andrews 7.0 Huawei EMUI5.0, which is the first domestic commercialization of Andrews 7.0 system, known to bring a revolutionary fun experience, so that Andrews system is no longer the more The more cards. Huawei EMUI5.0 behind the birth of more than 3,000 engineers relentless efforts to optimize the bottom from the Andrews, a variety of optimized technology with the battle, and then join the artificial intelligence learning ability, really make the old Andrews mobile phone can be full Blood resurrected.

A few days ago, Huawei has been to 20,000 mobile phone users to push the Android 7.0 based on the EMUI5.0 system, many users reflect the upgrade, the phone will change cards, half an hour to 1 hour later, the phone began to slowly become smooth, Use a period of time, the phone is really full of blood resurrection, become super-fast, and just bought when the speed is very smooth. This is because, just to upgrade Huawei EMUI5.0, mobile phones need to read and familiar with the user’s data, there is a familiar user process, and then intelligent allocation of resources to use. This led to the beginning just said Caton, and then slowly become fast. Subsequent use of the same is true, Huawei EMUI5.0 will continue to learn the behavior of users, and then to predict.

20000 users to spend andrews 7 the old mobile phone full of blood resurrection

Huawei EMUI5.0 from another kind of thinking up to solve the problem of Andrews Caton, the effect had to say very obvious.

Such a system if coupled with a high value of the mobile phone, then, seems to have been perfect. Huawei glory 8 is a color value of ultra-high mobile phone, the focus is not long after, glory 8 will usher in the Andrews 7.0 Huawei EMUI5.0 upgrade, then, Huawei glory 8 can be described as strong in the strong, with Yan Value and performance are extraordinary experience.

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