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Wuzhen: the first “mobile phone city”

Recently, the “mobile Internet infrastructure services and regional economic development forum” and the country’s first mobile application demonstration city starting ceremony was held in Wuzhen. At the meeting, Tongxiang city government and the “mobile” domain name registration bureau held a “mobile phone city” signing ceremony, Wuzhen became the first “mobile phone city”.

Mobile city refers to the mobile phone as the medium, by virtue of advanced means of communication, collection, analysis of various types of mobile information, the use of Internet services to build a face, including environmental protection, public safety and other aspects of mobile application platform. “Mobile City” from the basic mobile Internet services and regional economic development cut into the enterprise structures covering a variety of mobile applications platform and a unified access portal; and from the outset for urban services tailored to demand-oriented.

Mobile phone machine interconnection, real fire or virtual fire?

How to make cars more intelligent, is the current car companies are concerned about one of the core issues. The car as the user in the car the most accessible to the intelligent hardware, has been criticized for poor use of experience and let the Internet companies see the opportunity to cut into the car networking market. In the past in 2015, the international Internet giant Apple, Google and domestic Baidu, music, as have released their own car phone Internet program. These companies have said that in the automotive networking platform to build more areas to attract more developers to join in the production of smart cars for the App.

Internet giant this approach seems to be the car into the construction of its interconnected ecosystem, we can see is very optimistic about the future of car machine mobile Internet. But there are also views that these programs study its roots, only in the car machine to achieve some of the functions of smart phones, and not too many technical content. Car companies and Internet companies to launch such a product is just a marketing gimmick.

Both arguments are justified. Then, the car machine mobile Internet program in the end is a real fire or virtual fire it?

■ Internet companies: wind and fire “enclosure” busy

From 2010 Apple iPhone4 released to the present, the smart phone market has changed from the blue ocean into the Red Sea, built around the smart phone consumer scene is basically divided up by the Internet giant. The driving trip as people’s daily lives in an important scene, the current Internet company’s involvement is not deep. As a focus of the initial competition, the Internet giant in order to seize the market opportunities, around the mobile phone car Internet launched a large-scale “enclosure movement.”

Recently, Apple and Google announced their respective mobile phone car program CarPlay and Android Auto in 2016 compatible models. Among them, the earlier release of CarPlay compatible models has been close to 100 models, later released An-droid Auto compatible models will reach 40 this year. Obviously, these two world-class technology giants competition is spreading to the car networking areas. It is expected that by the end of 2016, we will be widely seen around the world equipped with the two mobile phone car program car.

Compared to foreign Internet giants of the big moves, the domestic Internet companies have also launched mobile phone car Internet program, and began a successful “landing” production models. In early 2015, Baidu car network released mobile phone car program CarLife. This form of App to achieve the car machine mobile Internet program compatible with both Google Android and Apple IOS two systems, and integration of Baidu maps, Internet radio and other applications. According to Baidu car network official website shows that there are already Kia K5, BYD Song, Hyundai new way to win these three production models compatible Baidu CarLife mobile phone car machine interconnection program. At the Guangzhou auto show in 2015, Beiqi new energy release new car EU260, this new energy vehicles equipped with music as the car mobile phone interconnection system ecolink, to achieve the two-way mobile phone and car control, and integrated WeChat function. In addition, Tencent, Alibaba two major Internet companies themselves or through its subsidiaries, also launched a mobile phone car program.

Internet companies are “Happy Valley enclosure”, for market development opportunities. However, in the market behind a hustle and bustle, the value of mobile phone car machine where exactly? This wave will be like the car after the market in 2015 on-site service, as a “virtual fire” it?

■ Car – a continuation of the phone experience

Experience innovation consulting firm faceui experience director Zhu Jiaming told reporters that the basis of mobile phones and car machines can be interconnected, is the car machine to the current smart phone good interactive experience extended to the car machine. With the popularity of smart phones in the world, the use of smart phones has become a habit of daily life users. However, due to security risks, smart phones in the daily life of the car scene is actually missing. Internet companies is to see this, hoping to use their accumulated experience in the mobile Internet technology and user experience to gain more users, and ultimately cut into the driving scene of the consumer, in the auto insurance, travel services, automotive electronics and other fields to tap more Multi-value.

The idea of ​​car prices is even more simple. Poor experience of the original car machine has become a cliché topic, and car prices is the core competitiveness of vehicle design and manufacturing of the four major processes. Car smart products such software research and development, market research, user experience, as well as cloud computing data such as large technical requirements is relatively high, not the strength of car prices. Therefore, with the Internet company, has become a good choice for automotive companies. For consumers, a driving process can safely enjoy the use of smart phones as a general good experience models, the same full of attractions. Therefore, this is the car enterprises to enhance their bargaining power of a dimension.

Mobile phone car Internet program for Internet companies, car prices, consumers have a high value. It seems that this technology has a real “fire” up the potential.

mobile phones maintances

Future MEMS laser for mobile phones

Mobile phone market has become one of the biggest consumption hot spots in China, China has become the world’s first mobile phone, mobile phone manufacturers in addition to the development of new functions, ergonomics Of the study efforts, but also long ago began to focus on personalized service. But the diversity of consumer demand for personalized, with the cost of mobile phone manufacturers is contradictory.

The future mobile phone MEMS light module will be done in real-time shooting projection to another interface, allowing users to directly experience the effect of the screen. Powerful voice recording and smiley shooting feature allows users to be caught in the smile by the lens, eliminating the need to take a shot with the self-timer shot of trouble. The whole Pu Q1 phone has done more powerful than the phone now voice recording, smiley shooting and projection capabilities, quality has been done 1080p.

The latest production of MEMS laser projector mobile phone + conference room + game room + entertainment room + home theater + exhibition hall. The laser projection phone will MEMS micro-laser projection technology advantages and Andrews mobile phone system perfectly combined, carrying a number of Quan Pu’s patented technology and invention achievements, a new generation of fashion trendy projection phone. Three primary color foot scanning, making the screen more clear, no LED projection of the broken cell and black screen of death. In the projection process does not hurt the eyes of the strong light reflection, did not see the phone screen when the damage to vision. After the phone does not have the projection function are embarrassed to say is a high-end machine, and mobile phone projection will be the standard for future mobile phones.

Machine size is only 148 × 70 × 11mm. Mobile phone has a pixel high, low power consumption, powerful, simple structure, wide color range, the machine uses the best display, resolution up to 1080P, the color reduction of 95%, compared with other products, color Reducing the degree of similar products more than 25%, making the phone a higher resolution, the picture clearer. At the same time the phone is also a camera phone, front camera up to 500 million pixels, after the home is 13 million pixels.

Projection part, using the world’s most advanced MEMS micro-laser technology (Quanpu independent patent). Resolution: 1920 * 720, Projection size: 200 inches (depending on the environment); Projection size ratio: 16: 9; Laser imaging, no focus; Projected file format: Office (Ppt, pdf, Word, Excel), video (mp4, 3gp, mov, mkv, avi, flv, mpeg), pictures (jpg, bmp, gif, png).

The whole MEMS photoelectric projection technology of high efficiency, small size, long life, high reliability, a wide range of image color, contrast ratio, high resolution, without focusing, has a very wide range of applications.

This year, the United States increased the crackdown on Chinese technology companies, which makes people very angry!

In March, ZTE was the US Department of Commerce to implement export restrictions on the grounds that the alleged violation of US export control policies on Iran.

In June, the US Department of Commerce issued a subpoena to Huawei asking Huawei to submit all information about exporting or re-exporting US technology to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, or Syria, and to deliver products shipped to these countries in the past five years .

The face of the United States against Huawei ZTE’s shameless attack, China is very angry, the consequences are very serious!

The so-called: not to indecent assault, China is the etiquette of the state, decided to give the United States a super-luxury gift!

Recently, the Beijing Intellectual Property Office ruled that Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus two mobile phone design, infringement of Shenzhen Bai Li’s patent, and ordered Apple to stop selling the alleged infringing products!

But after the patent invalid and the first instance verdict, Apple want to comeback can be described as difficult. Because the Beijing Intellectual Property Court made such a bold penalty before, certainly taking into account the possible consequences, it is impossible for Apple to comeback opportunities.

The ban on Apple mobile phones in Beijing is really happy ah. Han Wudi: Kou can go, I can go. Guilty of my Han, though far will punish!

I believe the ban on Apple, will give Apple a heavy blow. In the Chinese market, Apple or Samsung will follow the footsteps, or even withdraw from the Chinese market! Domestic intellectual property rights mobile phone is about to let the world with admiration, the whole Pu phone with their own patents, with people’s hope to lead the future of mobile phones. This is the pride of the people, this is the whole people’s mission.

Smart mobile phone maintenance Raiders

Shell: Please be gentle with me

You often find that some people’s mobile phone shell scarred, in addition to the normal storage, the main fall, beat or shaking play caused by vibration will make the connector loose, and even components desoldering, wiring loosening, it can not directly On the hard seat of the moving vehicle. Brutal treatment not only hurt the appearance of mobile phones, but also damage the phone internal circuit boards.

For the phone to add a transparent plastic protective cover (wholesale 1 yuan / month), does not affect the appearance, but also has a strong protective effect, and even a year or two of mobile phones, still the same as the new machine. If you are not afraid of old-fashioned, better with the holster, it is tantamount to an extra coat for the phone, one can reduce the wear of mobile phone casing, the second is a fall or water when the phone can reduce the damage suffered. Of course, this does not mean that the phone will be added after the fire does not invade the water, the use and placement still need to be careful when carefully to avoid mobile phone by internal injuries.

It is best not to hang on the phone any mobile phone decoration rope and other decorations, decorations on the hard objects will damage the fuselage. The safest way is to use the phone every time when the phone into a soft protective bag to prevent the body received damage.

Pay attention to carrying methods

Everyone to carry mobile phones are not the same, but some methods are likely to greatly increase the chance of damage to the phone. For example, nowadays it is customary to put the phone on the pants (behind) the pocket, if not careful to sit down when the pressure, or mobile phone is squeezed and dropped to the ground, will cause cell phone damage. In addition, as thin and light mobile phone, some people used to put in his chest pocket, do not know when bending accidentally, the phone will fall on the ground.

Like to take a bath with water

As the shell and the special nature of the screen material, shall not use irritating chemicals, detergents or strong cleaning agents to clean the phone, otherwise the effect is just the opposite. Electronic circuit to prevent the deposition of dust, usually do not easily open the shell to clean. If the conductive soft rubber layer under the keyboard to break in time, otherwise the water and dust easily along the crack into the machine.

Oh, fell into the ditch

Inadvertently into the water after (such as falling in the basin, turn the cup on the table or beer bottles, etc.), use the “cold” dry hair to slow down the degree of moisture corrosion board, do not use too hot hair dryer , So as not to heat too much deformation of the printed circuit board damage to the phone. Once the phone should be immediately removed the battery water, must not immediately understand the status of the phone to boot. Remove the battery after not to deal with their own, should immediately repair, so that professionals do disassemble water treatment, such as fall into the corrosive liquid or corrosive liquid but also with ultrasonic cleaning, drying, before the next maintenance treatment. Such as mobile phones can still be used after the water, should be sent to professionals to deal with, so as not to cause corrosion of the circuit board can not be repaired.

Convenient dry cleaning is not convenient

Found that mobile phones or SIM dirty, people tend to use paper towels, clean soft cloth to wipe, however, these cleaners themselves there is a certain amount of static electricity. Especially in the winter, the phenomenon of static electricity is particularly serious, must use anti-static cloth to clean, greedy convenience of the consequences will be to repair and become troublesome.

Looks full of stars
The screen of the mobile phone is more profitable than the LCD monitor of the computer, and the screen size is small, the chance of appearing flaw is also small. However, for technical reasons in production, in rare cases, some small dots of other colors may appear on the display, which also make the display appear brighter or darker, which is the dead pixel of the liquid crystal Phenomenon, the existence of the production, does not mean that the failure has occurred, we do not have to worry too much, however, often wrestling phone will affect the inside of the switch circuit, may cause the liquid crystal dead pixels if gradually spread.

Homemade screen stickers
For the dual-screen mobile phone, the damage to the front, but will directly hurt the external screen, cut a cigarette cellophane, with the phone almost the size of the external screen, drop a drop of pure water in the paper above the screen clean, slowly Of the paste and then squeeze the blisters, and other water after the dry, to ensure that is not easy to lose, it seems more than the original protection paper clearer.

Protect the charging port
Some of the more responsible products will have a special rubber protective cover, while others do not, this part if the contact with some metal after the phone signal has a great impact, we must always keep the charging port clean.

The keys were soon worn
If you are not strong, it is certainly caused by the thumb nails, frequent play games more easily dampened keys, or do not stay too long nail friends. My phone almost no signs of wear and tear, Oh, the quality is also very good!

Magnets do not come
Keep the phone away from the magnet. Phone speaker itself is magnetic, so do not let the phone often contact the place where many iron powder, so as not to phone speaker sound hole inhaled too much iron powder, and attached to the horn film, resulting in mobile phone handset voice becomes smaller, or even hear.

Electronic parts, longevity Kung Fu longevity do

Mobile phone, after all, is composed of electronic components, electronic movement in the circuit will be fever, especially the LCD screen, but also adds heat. As long as the PC server does not turn off the phone as long as there is no strong technical gold content of the product, the internal will be slowly eroded by heat, mobile phones have chronic diseases, temporary moment no problem. If the quality of the product in general, spend a year or so, you will slowly find a crash, the operation failure and so on.

Heat die me

Do not put the phone in a hot place, many users work in Office locations, the phone will be placed in direct sunlight at the glass wall behind the sun, and some on the radiator, the stove, the fire. Cell phone itself is not good heat dissipation, high temperature will shorten the life of electronic equipment, damage to the battery and make some plastic deformation or melting.

Cold, ah, this is the North Pole

Do not put the phone in a cold place, when the phone becomes hot (to reach its normal ambient temperature), because the hot and cold changes in the problem, the phone may be the formation of moisture inside, it will be Damage to electronic circuit boards. Similarly, when you walk in the cool room on the hot street, do not immediately take out the phone, it should be allowed to gradually adapt to changes in the surrounding environment.

How to feel wet
Cell phones have slits or holes, when it is easy to encounter water vapor infiltration, and other electrical appliances, mobile phones are afraid of damp! Containing inorganic precipitation, moisture and liquid will corrode electronic circuits, but also in the boot state will cause a short circuit, see here, you dare to use the phone in the rain or in the bathroom?

Avoid the phone on the outlet air-conditioning, because the moisture condensation in the phone will invisible corrosion board. Water vapor on the erosion of the circuit board, with the lengthening of the more serious, may feel nothing at the beginning of the impact, but until the failure phenomenon occurs, I am afraid it was too late. Mobile phone damp, immediately cut off the power, remove the battery and mobile phone at room temperature. Remember, do not take the phone in the sun exposure, light energy will destroy its shell material.

The surrounding is too dirty

Do not use or store the phone in a dusty and dirty place, or the moving parts of the phone may be damaged. After all, not all mobile phones have three defenses, even if the three anti-dust is also a slight, shock, water features, too dirty environment, the three anti-not achieve any effect.

SIM card: I do not want to do sit-ups

Many people have the habit of playing with small things, remove the battery charge, often itchy hand to flex SIM, which will destroy the data stored on the card. Similarly, do not put the SIM card below the temperature of -20 degrees or higher than 85 degrees, its temperature defense is not much stronger than the phone.

SIM card to do cleaning
As with other data contacts, the metal contacts on the SIM card are important to protect it from dust contamination and cleaning, to delay its oxidation, to prevent the occurrence of a SIM card failure, a sudden network outage during use, or The screen shows chaos and so on. In general, its life of up to 4 years or more, unless you frequently replace the phone, otherwise, the number of normal plug will rarely hurt it. Some mobile phone card design problems, improper insertion is likely to cause metal contact scratches, as far as possible do not use those SIM card bit too tight cell phone.

Finished, I lost the password
Many people are too superstitious mobile phone and SIM card password, in fact, for professional mobile phone repair people, crack them as a piece of cake. Nowadays, many people are accustomed to using the PDA function of the mobile phone, put the personal information, address, telephone, even bank account number, credit card password into the virtual database, so that if the phone is stolen, people can easily see the information inside, Do not you tell someone to steal your stuff?

Perhaps you have tried, after a long charge, the phone itself shows the battery power is full, but the actual use of time is much shorter than the nominal value, or even a day with the battery on the power out. In the past, only second-hand mobile phones are easy to encounter such problems, but recently even just to buy the phone soon, but also from time to time.

The main reason is now the cell phone comes with poor quality of the battery, especially those non-original battery, such as mobile phone to send two batteries, often only one is original, the other is likely to be certified without the product of the mobile phone manufacturers. Non-original battery actual capacity often can not reach the nominal value, and aging faster, although lithium has no memory effect, but the battery has residual power when charging or charging time is too long cause overcharge, battery use Time and life will still be greatly reduced, the battery capacity will gradually reduce until the final scrapped. If you do not want to frequent replacement of new batteries, usually we should pay more attention to Oh.

After the shutdown charge

Many of my friends like 24-hour online does not shut down in order to respond to other people’s calls at any time. In fact, the real need for a long time not many people stand, you can not always answer the phone when it is sleeping. In order to achieve the best battery full state, the proposed shutdown charge, the battery will not charge side edge, naturally reduce its wear and tear. The best way is to use their own shutdown state and then recharging, at least until the prompt low power signal to charge, otherwise every time there are one or two cells in the battery charge, the battery damage is greater. Battery life is calculated by the charge and discharge cycles, the smaller the number of charging the more to maximize battery life.
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Use cradle
Block charge does not take up the phone use time, you want to stand for how long, and always have a battery backup, naturally allows us to safely use the phone battery power. No matter what kind of battery, it is not appropriate to charge the phone immediately after use, it is best to just recharge the battery just slightly placed for a while, the reason for doing so is the completion of charging the battery closed circuit voltage may be Rated voltage to be high, if immediately into the phone, the phone will affect the internal circuit components. Therefore, it is best to wait until the rechargeable battery self-discharge to the rated voltage when used again. Of course, do not fully charged rechargeable battery for a long time on the cradle on the shelves do not have to, even disconnect the charging power, the battery’s energy will be fully charged on the seat charge, the rechargeable battery itself is not good.

Long-term do not
If the phone intends to long-term idle, remove the battery, suspend the chemical reaction, can reduce its power consumption. If the battery is not used for some time, it should be completely discharged and placed in a dry, cool place, it is best not to fully charged, the first release of some power to save.

Re-use, at least several times the charge / discharge cycle to fully activate the electronic process in order to play the original function of the battery. Therefore, after recharging, into the phone can not be used immediately, do not think that the battery is broken, and so on for some time, let the internal chemical reaction is fully carried out, you can display and boot the normal.

Separate battery
As the general battery electrode contacts are exposed, it should be avoided and the key will be conductive metal objects such as exposure or exposure to moisture, high temperature environment, so as to avoid the phenomenon of short-circuit.

Car owners have to be careful
I usually do not plug in the car before the charger is inserted, because the car’s circuit devices, after all, better than electrical products, especially in the car just started the moment, the current will be a peak, the sudden current and lightning as , Is likely to follow the circuit back to the electrical products, causing damage to internal parts. It is recommended to open the car on the road, then use the charger will be more appropriate.

Charging Note the ambient temperature
Some batteries due to design problems, will have a higher charge temperature, overheating will burn. This will virtually affect the phone’s circuit board, especially the open machine to charge, the impact is more serious. Therefore, try not to place the phone at high temperatures.

To avoid the battery temperature above 60 ℃ or below -20 ℃ environment, the temperature is too low will make the battery internal reaction is not normal, resulting in unrecoverable performance continues to decline, the temperature will shorten the use of time and life. Batteries used in extreme temperatures, high or low temperature can greatly affect the battery performance, need to be charged regularly, do not think that the battery is damaged, to the normal temperature, it can continue to work.

The reason for increased battery power consumption
Even if you buy a high-quality battery, but also use the correct charging method, still find the phone standby time and talk time is shorter, this is why? Do not worry, this is not the physical problem of the battery or the phone itself, but rather the local network provider. When the distance from the location of the transmitter station when the phone may not receive the signal and constantly search the network, which consumes a lot of power, if you are sure that the poor reception area, and no nearby network base stations, Well.

Some places will cause artificial signal shielding, such as: high-rise, the subway, if there is no special base stations, ordinary wireless signal can not penetrate so many walls, the signal will naturally worse.
In addition, the color LCD screen is also a large power consumption, although they look very beautiful, but those animated standby picture, 3D menu interface, will make your battery run out faster, acceptable, as far as possible lower Screen brightness, and do not always turn on its backlight, can fully save energy and extend the battery life.

Want to save power? Use headphones
Measured proved that the headset than the phone above the small speakers power, if you want to extend the call and standby time as much as possible, or use headphones.

Data cable: Do not connect for a long time
Mobile phone and computer connection, it should be noted that the connection time, can not put the phone long-term and computer Unicom, should avoid repeated switch machine, when the file transfer must consider and choose their own to pass the file, the best time to complete the operation , Preferably in the case of mobile phone shutdown and computer connection!

Because the common COM data cable, not plug and play interface, interface voltage, may cause impact on the phone, of course, USB interface, do not have to worry about. On the other hand, do not arbitrarily disconnect the connection during transmission, can also lead to incomplete data transmission, it is possible in the phone can not be deleted, only a comprehensive cleaning media library.

Conclusion: In today’s highly competitive mobile phone market, manufacturers are trying to get a cup of soup is really not easy. The market is not lack of excellent products, like Xiao Bian introduced several mobile phones today are very good, to Yan value of the color value, performance to performance, all features rich, the price is not high, you have no reason not to start it ?

mobile phone recommended


Mobile phone APP will be able to “buy” Dad

Sperm Bank of London launched a commonly known as “Order Dad” application, so that women in need can be selected on mobile devices as the selection of goods like the sperm donors.

Users can set the conditions for the desired sperm donor, including hair, eyeball, skin color, height, weight, educational level, occupation, ethnicity, nationality, in the application of the “London Sperm Donors” application , Religious beliefs, etc., and then from tens of thousands of donors to sift out the right candidates. Upon receipt of the payment of £ 950, the sperm bank will send the ordered sperm to the clinic where the fertility service is provided to the user. Instead of filtering, the user can browse and pick the right person.

This application is currently available in Google and Apple App Store can be downloaded, in line with the British in vitro fertilization regulators artificial insemination and Embryology Authority requirements. About half of the UK’s in vitro fertilization clinics support this application, including private clinics and clinics affiliated with the UK’s National Health Service. If the user can not find the ideal sperm donor, you can set the reminder function, someone donated to meet the conditions of the sperm to be reminded.

“London sperm bank donors” application interface and many shopping applications similar to the “new goods” section, a “shopping basket” function. Unlike buying ordinary goods, sperm “buyers” do not know the “seller” specific identity.

“This application allows women who are looking for sperm donors to make their own choices at their own convenience in their own private environment,” said Kamal Ahuja, a sperm bank scientific officer, to the British Sunday Times. We think this is the first time in the world that such a service has been launched. “Some people question this convenience service. Josephine Quinta Valle, the British propaganda agency for childbearing ethics, argues that this practice “is the greatest disparagement of fatherhood.”

With a Smart Mobile Cell phone do can a part-time job” or worth it

As long as there is a mobile phone, do not put, move your fingers, you can make money?

Now, the market a variety of money-making APP after another, and some allow users to do APP trial members, pulled up rankings and downloads; some to be a survey, forward the article to the circle of friends, earn a few dollars each time. Seemingly moving fingers can earn a pocket, the time can be a monthly income of a few hundred wealthy, it would be “falling out of the pie”? Reporters survey found that in fact these APP to make money is not formal, and some simply can not be audited by the application store, there is a security risk. Busy half a day to earn less money, but also betrayed the privacy, “cell phone part-time” worth the candle.

“Mobile part-time” temptation

“The use of debris time can move your fingers to make money,” “students and the treasure of the mobile phone part-time to make money artifacts” … … Ms. Cheng Chung people inadvertently see an ad on the Internet, claiming that the mobile phone APP will be able to make money, Busy she was suddenly attracted to start a “part-time phone.”

“In fact, download and experience all kinds of APP.” Ms Cheng opened a so-called “earn money artifact” in the list to receive a task, according to “task steps”, copy the keyword “shopping”, open the phone application store, paste Keyword and search to find a corresponding shopping APP and download, then open the shopping APP, let it run for 3 minutes, this trial APP task is completed, Ms. Cheng 1.5 yuan trial fee, and then she This shopping APP will be deleted immediately.

Such as the number of profitable class APP number, in addition to “money coffee”, “trial guest soldier” and other demo, review applications for rewards, and fill in questionnaires to see ads. Such as “earn points,” said the use of free time to answer the questionnaires, daily check-in will be able to earn rewards, convert Q coins, cash, cell phone bills and other prizes; In addition, “forwarders”, “Tang earned” income.

Mobile fingers can make money, “make money APP” appeal is not small, such as “money coffee” claims have accumulated 17.76 million users cash withdrawal.

APP has not been reviewed by the App Store

Really have this kind of “lying to make money”, do not need any “principal” of a good thing?

Reporters on the phone to download several demo classes to make money APP, found to install up with the usual download APP is very different. Need to scan the two-dimensional code to download APP to the phone, to open the APP, the phone will jump out of an “untrustworthy enterprise-class developers,” the message suggesting that this APP “iPhone has not yet trusted” must be Manual trust, that is, specifically to the phone settings, click on “trust” before they can use. Validation found that several similar APP need to manually trust.

In addition, most of the tasks of the reward is not so good to take. For example, there is a trial of financial APP tasks, need to register, enter the name and mobile phone number, select “whether there is a loan experience”, but also wait for financial customer service calls; even some need to try the APP real-name authentication and tie card .

“In addition to gender, age, education and other information, and some even family income, car situation, auto insurance and other information have to fill in order to successfully get the reward, this is not disguised to earn user information?” Xiao Zhao worry about the public, “Did not make money, but leaked their personal information.

“In order to get a little small profit, but may disclose their information, do not know what the information will be used.” Telecom experts, Flying Elephant CEO Ligang Gang said, showing “untrustworthy enterprise-class developers” Indicating that these APP did not go through the application store audit, there are some problems are not allowed to shelves.

mobile phones shopping

Mobile Phone consumption was regional differences

Miss Zhou in Beijing, a 4A company inauguration, busy work and frequent overtime work so that she did not have much leisure time, not to mention shopping, not even time to visit the supermarket. To save time, Miss Chow choose online shopping, 11:30 to open the phone to order, do not need to rush to be able to eat at 12 o’clock on the cut side and plum meat.

Miss Zhou likes the afternoon tea time, every time she will come up with mobile phones, waffles and cake to buy, and colleagues enjoy the happy afternoon tea time. 5:30 in the evening, she put down the work, plan their own rich dinner, she would like to pot chicken soup, so they landed to buy fresh country hot pot chicken, so she can get home, do not spend time visiting the supermarket can easily do rice. The day to buy fresh dishes, so she was satisfied.

And Miss Zhou, many first-tier cities in white-collar workers today’s life is so convenient. In the past, these urban office workers generally only once a week visiting the supermarket, the average consumption of several hundred dollars each time, most of the food purchased to help collectors. But now, low prices, convenient shopping so that they buy more and more frequently.

The report shows that Beijing and the East China region through the APP users more than the average per person per month to buy products up to 20.7 per week to buy milk up to 3.2 times to buy vegetables up to 2.5 times to buy fruit up to 4.0 times to buy bread up to 1.3 times fresh Of the ingredients to make them more at ease. In addition, through the purchase of fuel cell phones, daily necessities, the average monthly consumption is 626.3 yuan, accounting for Beijing residents spend nearly a quarter of an average.

First-tier cities for the quality of life and lifestyle consumers have a delicate pursuit of quality of life while focusing on the pursuit of health. But Beijing and East China’s consumer spending habits there are some differences. Beijing area users prefer the most popular local brands, the number of frequent purchase of milk, the majority of people, accounting for about 30%, the pursuit of quality of life at the same time pay attention to economic benefits, more popular in a healthy economic life. While the East China consumers tend to be more diverse purchase needs, taking into account the types of food shopping, daily necessities, alcohol, etc., both pay attention to nutritional balance, and the pursuit of life to enjoy, biased in favor of diversified lifestyles and spending habits.

In addition, through the access to the report there is an interesting new discovery, mobile phone shopping not only save time, but also improve the user to buy fresh fruit frequency. Daily diet and more healthy, full has entered a “fresh light food” a new era. The average person spending 175 yuan, of which the cost of buying fruits and vegetables accounted for 80 yuan, grain and oil fast food is only 28 yuan.

Enjoy life, affordable and correct

Just the pursuit of health is not enough, to enjoy life, economic benefits correct. The report pointed out that many users are used to buy while shopping side, 10 (buy snacks) late 9 (buy dinner), to see the favorite products to buy immediately, abandon the restrictions on space to enjoy shopping pleasure. Even the Internet overtime employees can do the work of two families do not delay.

Report to Baidu Building, Tencent, music as an example, the data show that about 15 o’clock overtime groups will form a purchase peak, mainly in beverages, to supplement the overtime energy. And 8 pm to 10 pm there will be a small peak, the logistics of goods will be sent to family overtime, as supper supplements. Not only nutrition and health, and save time, coupled with the cost savings back and forth, online shopping really allows consumers to get the most tangible benefits.

2016 during the Spring Festival wine, beverages and milk and other drinks become the main force of online shopping products, accounting for 55%, and now more than a month after the Spring Festival is over, but did not mean that the supermarket supermarket heat loss. All the people into the replenishment of commodities concentrated period. Rice grain and oil and wash products accounted for 32% of all commodities. After the consumer network to buy the TOP20 single product required price is only 143.5 yuan.

In summary, the reason why online shopping for all types of people like the important reason is that the structure of online shopping more and more reasonable, more and more complete varieties, more and more thoughtful service. High, medium and low-grade goods, can be purchased through the network. Different needs of consumers can also meet the needs through online shopping, and the price is much cheaper than the store.

Not only that, Internet finance to consumers convenient service, but also from another level to change the Chinese people’s consumption and ideas. It is the start of consumption, stimulating economic growth, economic growth rate of recovery and acceleration will lead to employment, employment, and further stimulate the improvement of consumption, the formation of consumption and economic benign interaction.

In addition, the electric business brand is also actively explore the search for new consumer hot spots. “Festival” and other activities continue to stimulate more businesses to create new methods of consumption, new tools and new platform, so that more and more powerful source of consumption, so as to better play the role of consumption on the economy. Consumers become more competitive in the business savvy, more willing to choose safe and quality-assured products.

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“Mobile phone disease” popular, have to rule!

Please listen to questions: What are you most inseparable from life? Phone! This answer should not be low, especially since the smart phone mass production since eight years ago, this gadget has become the fastest-selling electronic devices ever.

According to incomplete statistics, about half of adults today have mobile phones. To 2020 the proportion will reach 80%. Mobile phones in people’s lives in all aspects, according to the survey, the United States an average of more than an hour a day to see the phone; the most can not leave the electronic equipment, the vast majority of young people in the UK that is mobile phones rather than television, computer or game. In developed countries, 80% of smart phone owners get up within 15 minutes to view text messages, news or other services, and even 10% of adults admit when making love with a cell phone.

The development of technology is often a “double-edged sword” for mankind: convenience and progress; risk and harm.

Mobile phone is the most intimate electronic partners. However, when you recognize this point, it may have had a symptom of “mobile phone disease.”
“Mobile phone disease” What kind of disease? How much is really “sick”? The United States neuroscientist Michael Murchinich believes that the human brain is due to technological development and “large-scale reset”, “addiction”, “mobile phone addiction” to a certain extent, is the medical sense of the “disease” People attach great importance to these diseases on human intelligence have a serious impact.

The following are the international medical profession professionals put forward several common “mobile phone disease”

– Inseparable from the “addiction.” This is the “mobile phone disease” in the early stages, there is no mobile phone is quite uncomfortable, uneasy. Often someone to come up with mobile phone view, and then back into the pocket, and then reflex-like again, out of fear of missing any real-time information.

– Auditory hallucination. This is an advanced stage of the disease, involving neurological function, as people often mistakenly believe that the phone rang or shook.

– Vertigo phone. On the one hand is the technical causes, some mobile phone operating system upgrade, the holder felt dizzy, dazzling or even disgusting, which is the pursuit of visual effects and the use of new technologies lead to; more vertigo is staring at the phone screen for a long time.

– Hand travel addiction. It is the most dangerous and most destructive. The convenience of smart phones so that more children indulge in the virtual world in the game, difficult to extricate themselves.

– Suspicious search disease. This is the health of the suspicious variety, that is, as long as the body there is a slight pain or small spots, can not wait to search on the phone, self-diagnosis, which often lead to unnecessary mental anxiety.

– phone “depression.” In the phone too often use the social platform formed by interpersonal relationships seem like a duck, often counterproductive. The kind of virtual social interaction often leads to the actual social feelings of Guadan and boring.

People increasingly frequent use of mobile phones, because of the convenience of functional upgrading. It is very necessary to distinguish between “common mobile phone” and “mobile phone disease”, which has become an important research topic. University of London psychologist Thomas Plummerch’s team of British adults to use mobile phones to track research found that those “mobile phone disease” in patients with the possibility of antisocial behavior is nearly 4 times the other people, and the The negative impact of virtual social interaction on the true human social remains to be seen.

There is also a situation that people noticed but did not attract enough attention, that is, young people “mobile phone disease”, which even including infants and young children. A recent study by a UK research team found that teens aged 12 to 15 spend an average of more than an hour of extra-curricular cell phone usage every day, and that this is taking longer as phones become more intelligent and less expensive. Many health problems, including adolescents’ obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, inattention, declining math and reading scores, and insomnia and autism, are associated with frequent use of mobile phones by children. On the one hand because of the lack of time on the phone and exercise, and some other problems may be caused by long-term use of mobile phones caused by hormones and their effects change.

A number of studies also warned: there are parents around the world in the use of mobile phones in children generally “negative parenting”, on the one hand the performance of the parents themselves can not do without cell phones, unbearable; the other hand, the children too frequently use the phone Laissez-faire. Research institutes warn that the increasing frequency of use of mobile phones may adversely affect teenagers as well as the brain.
The development of technology is often a “double-edged sword” for mankind: convenience and progress; risk and harm.

Let us think about the real sense of the smart phones on the planet is the year 2007 thing. At that time, Apple CEO Steve Jobs waving a group of obsessed fruit powder rectangular piece of stuff. “It will change everything,” Jobs promised. He is not an exaggeration. Eight years, the earth has been deeply felt smart phones on our lives, work changes – the good side so that we excited and happy, such as the bad side of the “mobile phone disease”, like modern technology, “marijuana”, we need Deep province.


Why Lab Fall Test Can not Believe

So, since there are laboratory cases, these tests and why not people believe it? Because our mobile Smart Mobile Phones drop in daily life with the laboratory test is very different, the video, especially in the official video of the drop test is often a bit misleading, because we see the content, often Is someone else wants us to see, this result is not objective enough, of course, partial general can not completely blame the manufacturers, after all, a manufacturer of mobile Smart Mobile Phoness is to sell, of course, not to prove that their mobile Smart Mobile Phoness have more Anti-fall.

And even the kind of geek video, we see the video publisher is really intentions to test, which is not too much water, but that conclusion may not be very representative, because it has to fall on Occasionally, the angle of each cell Smart Mobile Phones has a different intensity. In particular, the official laboratory of the kind of video, the ball does not say drop, the back of the curved glass will spread to the impact of the box, and this weight falls on the Smart Mobile Phones screen is very few opportunities .

In order to achieve the absolute level, the machine will be calculated by simulation of a 1.5-meter height dive down the acceleration of the mobile Smart Mobile Phones, in order to achieve the absolute level, the machine will be simulated by the simulation of the height of the mobile Smart Mobile Phones diving down the acceleration of 1.5 meters, To achieve a short distance of 1.5 m level of free fall. Absolute level of mobile Smart Mobile Phones shoot in the absolute level of marble floor, the force will be evenly distributed, the screen hand is not very easy to break, the same test, on the other Smart Mobile Phones, may not have too much problem.

And then come back to thin to think about it, we use the Smart Mobile Phones in the process, if you do not accidentally drop the Smart Mobile Phones, generally do not appear the absolute level of decline, and the ground is not more than level, imagine, even if the Smart Mobile Phones can maintain the level , The ground has a variety of stones and the like obstacles, then the role of force in the stone corner of a very small area, the probability of broken screen naturally greatly increased.

mobile phones supplier

Smart Mobile Phones is not anti-drop it

But the smart Smart Mobile Phones is not as fragile as the egg, in this era of the screen becoming bigger and bigger, many manufacturers in order to enhance the mobile Smart Mobile Phones’s drop resistance, or a certain targeted design.

For example, in general, 2.5D glass screen Smart Mobile Phones, the front panel will have a different approach, such as some mobile Smart Mobile Phoness will increase the high box, some mobile Smart Mobile Phoness will reduce the curvature of 2.5D glass. In addition, many mobile Smart Mobile Phones will be a certain degree of curvature on the back of the design, which are basically in order to enhance the overall impact of the glass. There are many seem to affect the aesthetic design, in fact, manufacturers may be reduced in order to reduce the risk of mobile Smart Mobile Phones screen compromise.

Of course, there is no absolute, even if the mobile Smart Mobile Phones manufacturers to make a series of efforts to design the Smart Mobile Phones, but the accident is inevitable, so have broken-screen insurance, in fact, in the face of fierce competition, mobile Smart Mobile Phones manufacturers is more The pursuit of a larger screen, screen accounting, better feel, more beautiful appearance, has not put the anti-fall to see the weight.

The introduction of a series of broken-screen risk, but also send a signal, and perhaps the future warranty of man-made damage within a certain number of times will be warranty. Mobile Smart Mobile Phones in the current term is almost FMCG, the replacement speed is amazing, no need to care too much, if it is really distressed mobile Smart Mobile Phones, then a silicone case may be able to solve all problems. So, Ann, it is just a Smart Mobile Phones.

How to make cars more intelligent, is the current car companies are concerned about one of the core issues. The car as the user in the car the most accessible to the intelligent hardware, has been criticized for poor use of experience and let the Internet companies see the opportunity to cut into the car networking market. In the past in 2015, the international Internet giant Apple, Google and domestic Baidu, music, as have released their own car phone Internet program. These companies have said that in the automotive networking platform to build more areas to attract more developers to join in the production of smart cars for the App.

Internet giant of this practice seems to be the car into the construction of its interconnected ecosystem, we can see is very optimistic about the future of car machine mobile Internet. But there are also views that these programs study its roots, only in the car machine to achieve some of the functions of smart phones, and not too many technical content. Car companies and Internet companies to launch such a product is just a marketing gimmick.

Both arguments are justified. Then, the car machine mobile Internet program in the end is a real fire or virtual fire it?


Guy playing cell phone 6 hours a night

In early January this year, 20-year-old college students trabecular came to Jiangmen City Third People’s Hospital of Psychology. He said he had insomnia for more than a month, and could not sleep at night, no spirit during the day, academic performance plummeted, and depression, often without a temper. “Our initial diagnosis may be the night to play the phone when sleeping, coupled with pressure on learning and other factors.”

Psychiatric sleep disorders clinic attending physician, psychologist Luyuan Park said, “to him to help improve sleep “However, eating the drug for two months, the trabecular sleep state has not been improved. The hospital on the use of equipment to the trabecular check. “Unexpectedly, he should have symptoms of brain atrophy, you know, this disease is the older of the elderly will have.” Luyuan Yuan said.

In a further investigation and inquiry, trabecular told the doctor, he was two years ago, contact smart phones, “more than two years, almost every night after dinner, wash finished, from 9:00 to lie down in bed to play mobile phone , Until two or three in the morning before going to bed, 7 am to go to school. “Trabecular told the doctor,” began not what, then slowly feel no spirit, insomnia. “

“This lack of restraint to play with mobile phones, coupled with the most in the evening should allow the brain to rest when it is caused by an important reason for his brain atrophy.” Luyuan said.

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